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I have chosen a beautiful ronald joyce wedding dress, its part of the new 2016 collection ☺.

In my heart I absolutely love the dress I feel like a million dollar's when I'm in it...but I have a few things in my mind that I can't overcome and I'm becoming seriously stressed!

The dress it light gold and head to toe sparkly!! I'm really strugling with finding the perfect bridesmaid dress as I only have the one bridesmaid I don't think I want a complete contrasting colour. I have ordered a silver dress from debenhams (for now) with just a small amount of sparkle & pearl to tie in with my dress. I'm worried is silver a good colour for may?? I want to then ad a small amount of lilac in with my white roses with tiny pearls in my flowers.

My next concern is my dress !! ...I love the dress but I'm so worried I'm going to dissapoint guests with not having the traditional type dress, not only that will I regret it myself & what if my partner feels like he's been cheated out of the "traditional bride"!!

I only ordered the dress a week ago but tonight I feel like I've had a melt down 😢.

I'd really love any help and support 💗


  • I have a ronald joyce dress too! Which one did you go for?? i went for 'Robyn' its gorgeous and I love it already! Getting married in may! You need to think about a few things.. do you feel beautiful in the dress? can you see yourself getting married in it when you think of the dress? As for the last thing.. he'll be so swept up in how beautiful and gorgeous you look in your dress, with your hair done and your makeup i can practically guarantee he'll be thinking 'wow. how gorgeous does she look?! and Oh my word! She's about to become my wife how lucky am I??? silver in my opinion is a very lovely colour, if you add a bit of colour from the flowers it'll be lovely :) hope that helps! xxx

  • Thank you... I've gone for the 'ellie' ☺

    In my heart I love it... its the only dress I tried on and actually felt special in, I'm having an outside ceremony near woods & a lake with fairy lights everywhere (so not your traditional wedding) for some reason I'm doubting myself tonight!!  

    Can I pull it off ? Will I get the right reaction ? How will the photos look? 

    Wish I wasn't such an anxious person !!

  • oh my  god.. just had a cheeky google.. that dress is stunning!!! you'll look so beautiful in it i bet you can't wait :) it'll catch the light of the fairy lights amazingly too :) 

  • Aww thank you, I do think it's pretty special😊.. i feel like it's such a big statement & with the struggle I've had with the bridesmaid dress it has all got on top of me tonight !

    Thank you for your kind words of support ☺


  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Stunning dress Stacey I imagine you will look beaut! Starr2Be I also tried on Robyn and loved it but I wasn't quite "me" I was totally torn though coz it's such a lovely dress!

    I agree subtle colours rather than contrasting colours would go best for your bridesmaid, I'm sure whatever you choose will look lovely though! The thing you have to remember with your dress is - once you are all done up and have your accessories you will most definitely look very "bridey" lol. Your dress isn't a drastic colour from the pictures it looks quite subtle and anyway, who needs traditional these days?! I myself have recently wondered (9 months after ordering my dress) if I should've gone for the tea rose colour of my dress instead of the ivory

    Try not to stress coz you will look and feel amazing and very much like a bride

  • Hey guys thanks for being so helpful I'm starting to relax again a little now.

    For some reason I felt like I was having an actual panic attack about it last night ! My mom and sister have both seen me in the dress and they love it so we can't all be wrong..can we ! 

    I tried it on 3 times in one fitting and then twice in another and loved it each time.. I must have seen something I like and felt something I felt in no other dress! I need to trust what I saw that day and stick with it.

    I also worry way too much about what people think ! 


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,960 New bride

    I just ordered my dress (and am having a 'did I choose the right one' panic of my own!) But- my dress, and another one I loved- are both similar to yours- light gold underneath with ivory lace over the top. Apparently it's really popular right now! The lovely thing about having the light gold is that the dress seems to change colour depending on what light you are in, so you'll get some beautiful and varied photos. I always saw myself in white and also was a bit worried about not going traditional, but the light gold is just so soft and beautiful! When I saw a picture of my dress in pure ivory I didn't even like it.

    You'll look stunning, and you'll look like a bride- and everyone will love it because they won't have seen a dress like it before!


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