We have been engaged for just over a year and our wedding is at the end of January 2016.  invites have been sent and return date been and gone.  Best man wasnt with anyone and we did not put plus 1 on the invite.  However, he has just told us he has a new girlfriend.  Nothing, as far as i know, has been mentioned yet, but when i suggested to h2b that she be invited to just the evening do he got all offended and accused me of leaving his friends out.  Now, i do get his point, but one, we have a small guest list and i have left "friends" i have known for nearly years off the day list purely as we have not seen as much of each other in recent years and they are happy just coming to the evening do, and secondly, we only have about 8 friends coming (only three are mine anyway) and they have all been in their relationships for over a year so their OHs are invited.  So, yes i see his point that eveyone else is able to bring their partner BUT, he does not seem to see my point that I have left several people off the list and do not feel comfortable with a girlfriend of what will be nearly 4 months and we have not even met her being at the whole day when we agreed that we wanted just close family and friends.  although i know it makes it awkward as she is the gf of the best man.  Saying that, she will not be able to get ready with him, arrive with him, sit with him or even speak to him much until the evening so she will be on her own or with people she does not know much of teh day anyway.  As i say, nothing has been mentioned yet regarding her coming to the wedding but I just want to know how to go about this with h2b first!  he says fine he will have to explain to his best man that his girlfriend cant come but surely, if we explain why there shouldnt be a problem.  He then says we can wait to make a decision based on if they are still together but to me, it doesnt make a difference as they have only been dating a matter of weeks.  help!!!


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    If I was you I just wouldn't invite her. I think it's more awkward to invite her only to the evening! Just say that your numbers are already set and as they started dating after you worked out numbers unfortunately you can't fit her in.

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