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Today I got some bloody awful news. My grandad who when my dad died took over and was absolutely amazing has extremely advanced prostate cancer. He looked incredibly frail and was very unwell at the wedding but He didnt want to worry anyone however he did let it slip to my cousin who was a bridesmaid at The wedding about 2 weeks ago who told me and it did really upset me. But then my mum rang me on my honeymoon and told me that everything was fine and he just had a uti and not to worry. Now today she told me the truth after having decided not to ruin our honeymoon. 

I feel awful I've not been there for them and then the pictures are coming through of him walking me down the aisle and it's so upsetting plus there's the fact that he decided to do a speech after being adamant for months that he wouldn't. It's like he knew that he wouldn't be here for long. It's bloody awful. 

I think I just wanted to write about how I feel, sorry for The rant xxx


  • missmarvelmissmarvel Posts: 219

    I didn't want to read and run, I'm so sorry to hear you and your family are going through this. It's a testament to his character that despite being ill he still wanted you to have your perfect day and enjoy your honeymoon, he sounds like a lovely man. 

  • Hi Sparky

    Sorry to hear your sad news. It must be really upsetting and worrying for you and your family. Life is cruel at times. Try not to feel guilty about enjoying your wedding and honeymoon though. From what you've said, he was determined to give you away and give a speech so it's obvious that he wants you to be happy. 

    Sending you hugs and good thoughts x

  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    Aside from the type of illness this happened to one of my best friends, she also felt incredibly guilty but eventually we've managed to convince her that she would have done the same for someone else and that it was absolutely okay for her to have enjoyed her honeymoon, it was what everyone wanted. Your grandad sounds like the type that would've taken the phone out of someone's hand before interrupting your honeymoon, I'm glad he was there for your special day - you'll have that speech forever :) thinking of you. 

  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    Really sad news, you really shouldn't feel guilty it sounds like it was a whole family decision to make sure you enjoyed your time. Spend as much time as you can with him now and think back on the speech and the photos as the things he wanted to gift to you, to echo the above he sounds like an incredible man.

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  • MrsMc28MrsMc28 Posts: 61

    I didn't want to read and run.

    Sorry for your news on your grandad, thinking of you and your family. He sounds like such an incredible man! Xx

  • SparkystarSparkystar Posts: 158

    Thank you guys,

    I am so great full he was here to join in the day and I got the chance to thank him for everything he did after dad died. I am very lucky to have him in my life and thank you for your kind words. We're going to take it one step at a time

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