I seem to be developing what looks like a bunion on one of my feet with only 4 weeks until my wedding!

any miracle cures? My shoes are strappy sandals! 

(I'm only 30-I thought this was a much older lady thing!)


  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    No cure for a bunion! only surgery!

    if it is a bunion you are in good company Victoria beckham has them

    dont worry! I think you are looking for problems

  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    Haha,thanks-wasn't looking for problems just don't want an unsightly bunion sticking out my foot when it's almost flip flop season!

  • I had these from a very young age, they were inherited from my mother  

    As Kim said, only way to get rid is surgery.  I had both feet done, the scars are pretty big and it was agonising pain for the first month or so after! 

    Don't worry, you wont even notice them  and it's very common nowadays.  I'm sure everyone will be looking at how beautiful you are on the day!

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