Humanist certificate signing

Hi I was wondering if anybody could help. I am due to be having a humanist wedding soon and due to various reasons we are wanting to keep this quiet from our guests so they think it is the actual 'legal' ceremony we are having at that time. One thing that is concerning me is the signing of the witnesses does anyone have any experience of either having a humanist wedding or know how to get around the fact that we won't be signing in the registry book? Any ideas or help great fully received. 


  • fran21fran21 Posts: 77 New bride

    we are having a humanist wedding in august!! same as you we don't want our guests to know!

    we have said this to our celebrant and she said she can get us a certificate / book to sign (which we can keep)  so it will look like signing the registry book. my sister knows so she can sign and be the witness.

    hope this helps.

    i found it very hard at the start with humanist because no one really knew about it! xxx

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