Wedding guest list help!!

Hi ladies, wondering if you can give me some help and advice please. I'm having a very small intimate wedding ceremony. I would love to have my aunt there as I've never imagined getting married without her however I don't want her partner there. Has anyone else been in this or similar situation before? How can I tell her without her getting to upset? Thanks in advance x


  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Is she likely not to come if you don't invite her partner? Do you mind me asking why you don't want him there? Unfortunately I have learnt that sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. x

  • L13L13 Posts: 2

    He's not really that nice and theres been nothing but arguments and trouble since they got together. It's caused some separation in the family. Since it's such a small wedding it would be awkward having him there and I really don't want any tension on the day. I have to accept that there is a possibility that she won't come but that's up to her x

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Perhaps you could meet her for a coffee and have a chat about the day and what you would like to happen. If it is a very small intimate affair she may understand that you want her to be there. It doesn't have to be an ultimatum, you could say you would love her to be there but you feel you want it to only be very close family and friends, "how would you feel about it just being you that came?"

    Hopefully if she is reasonable she will want you to be there, especially if there has been discord itn he family because of him.

    Weddings are so tricky to navigate and there is always someone who will take offence no matter how you try to please them! xx

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    I think rainbooboo has worded that excellently....."how would you feel about coming alone" after dicussing how the wedding is intimate. If she immediately reacts badly then go away and consider whether you want both or neither. If she is reasonable and respects your choices hopefully she will be understanding.

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