Who should I ask to give me away?

I am getting married in September. My dad and my grandad both died a couple of years ago and there are no other males in my family. I also don't get on with my mum and I'm not even sure if she's coming to my wedding. Any ideas who I could ask to give me away? I have thought about walking down the aisle by myself but I'm not sure if that would be weird. What do you think? 


  • How about your closest friend?

    Or if there's another family member you are close to?


    Or all of your bridesmaids could walk you down? And share you, like swap half way :)

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Im havingmy brother but my MOH offered as well.

    Some people walk down with their fiance as well.

    I dont think itd look weird to walk down alone if thats what you want, its a kind of statement as well isnt it, you dont belong to anyone and give yourself to your husband rather than another man giving you away.

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    I love Circus' idea that your bridesmaids could give you away.

    As we say on this forum, the great thing about weddings in the 21st century, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to getting married.  theres no rule that says a man has to give you away, or indeed, anyone at all. 

    Whatever feels right for you and your H2B, will be the right way of doing it.


  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    Anyone you're close to! If you are not drawn to anyone in particular and you are happy to, I wouldn't think anything of you walking down on your own.  It's your day, embrace the limelight 

    How traditional are you?  A growing trend now is to have a 'first look' before the ceremony and then walk in to the ceremony together as bride and groom.  Could be a lovely option x

  • HereitgoesHereitgoes Posts: 206 New bride

    Hi Mandy37

    I think the options the other ladies have mentioned are great. If you're having bridesmaids like Circusteacup suggested, why not get your MOH to walk you down instead? My brother walked me down the aisle and it was super special so don't worry about having to have anything traditional.

    My cousin recently got married and his OH walked down the aisle by herself out of choice, even though her father was there. So absolutely nothing wrong with doing what Laura Grave suggested and embrace the moment. Whatever you decide be reassured that it will be fine for your day. :)

  • Nikki-93Nikki-93 Posts: 171

    I'm getting my brother to walk me down the isle, if i had no remaining men to ask i think i would ask my fiance's dad, maybe that's a possibility? Depending on how close you may be?

  • MrsB to beMrsB to be Posts: 78

    My dad is walking me down the isle at the actual ceremony. However he has refused to at the blessing, as I am already married. I was going to ask my mum but she has recently passed away. Instead my daughter is going to as i couldn't face doing it alone. However,if my daughter had any great objection I had planned to ask my father in law. As others have said before there is no right or wrong way. I went to one wedding at a c of e church were the bride's catholic father refused to come to the church so a very good friend did the honour and was chuffed to pieces at being asked.


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