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Can't sleep won't sleep

Well here we are at almost 1am and I've been lying here for the past hour and a half trying to sleep. My mind just won't switch off despite trying all my usual tricks. Also H2B is on his stag do this weekend so normally I would get him to come cuddle me until I fall asleep but I can't do that. Anyone else up and not sleeping?!

if this carries on I will need matchsticks come the wedding day!!


  • LantrolLantrol Posts: 43

    I'm up but I am on night shift, dealing with random potheads, and angry tourists because not allowed in the store.

    Keep telling myself it's wedding money. 

    It's amazing the stuff I need to clean up on the toilets. But its money for the wedding. LOL

    Truckers are filthy creatures

  • Hey hope you managed to sleep! If not then today go out and buy some night nurse lol... Even if you're not I'll just take a measure before bed and it'll honestly knock you out! You'll have a great deep sleep which is just what you need- dont get me wrong I normally only take it if I'm ill but have taken it on occassion if really struggling to sleep! Xx

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Thank you for the tips Italy bride. I managed to get off about half 2 I think after a snack and some meditation. I have had a LOT of coffee today xx

  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    Hi Boo, it might be worth trying Nytol.  Im going through a bout of insomnia at the mo, according to my GP, and she wanted to put me on sleepting tablets!  told her I wasn't happy with that and i'll try the herbal route instead.  slept soooo well last night.  They aren't designed for long term use, and will just get you back into your normal and proper sleep pattern.  I also used them years ago after a horrific car accident to help me sleep (flashbacks kept me awake) but nytol realllly helped.  why not treat yourself to a nice massage too, they usually help to sleep well



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