Table plan issues

Hi all, 

I think I'm just feeling a bit down after the dreaded table plan. I thought about not having one but then realised I could not have some of H2Bs friends near Mt (very religious) family, he has already been telling us what he is planning on saying loudly during dinner to amuse himself. H2B says he still has to come and we have sat another friend near who can 'control' him! 

So we have tge table plan sorted. I asked FMIL for help with their family but she said just put anyone with anyone. H2B didn't know of any rifts so we just sorted it. I then show her what we did and she starts saying a can't sit near b. And why have you sat c with d. Why didn't you just ask me!!! So now I'm going to do it with her. 


Also speaking of his family, they were very adamant about who was coming from their family. Mine is large (30 close, aunts, uncles, first cousins) they have 9. No judgement it's just how families are. But they have pulled random members out of nowhere. H2B hasn't even met some. Anyway that is all done and everyone is invited. We had to chase all of his family for RSVPs, do you even want to come!!! Why funny people respond! 

So back to the table plan, I've been writing out name cards and just had a few of his family left to write. But wasn't sure of surnames, turns out H2B and FMIL don't know the surnames if these family members either and asked if I could rewrite them all again with just first name. My issue is I only have so many name cards and we have people with the same name coming. 


Sorry I don't know what I'm asking (if anythi) it just feels good to get it off my chest! 


  • MrsMac2b3MrsMac2b3 Posts: 110

    If there's one thing families are good at, it's ruining your plans lol. 

    We decided to have a sweetheart table for me and my fiance. I have a very small family and I don't have a mum so my side of the top table would be very out of balance. Our first 2 table will be my family and my partners family. Then my 3 bridesmaids and 2 close friends with their partners and then similar for my fiance. That way everyone was sitting with friends.

    Although FMIL wanted to know where cousin a, b and c's 6 kids were sitting... they aren't invited which caused a bit of drama. She seemed to think footing the £75ph cost was the way around it but regardless of cost, we don't want kids there. 

    Ongoing battle but sometimes we are of the mindset..grin and bear it and others we've got our best bride/groomzilla on 😂😂 weddings really bring out the worst in people. Good luck on finalising the table plan! 

    How is your planning going other than that? Xo

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Oh dear, what are families like eh?

    I wouldnt re do all the name cards though if you only have so many to go around.

    You said you had to chase these people for thier RSVP's? So do you have a telephone number for them, if so phone them & ask for thier surnames.  If not then just leave thier first names on.  

    Sorry if this is cut throat, but I think you have to get to the stage of planning whereby you say, enough is enough, if you dont know the full names of your family then that is shame on your OH & FMIL!

    Good luck xx

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