Am I overreacting?

HI everyone

When we got engaged last July my fiance was so excited to ask his brother to be best man. I also decided to ask his brothers long term (10 years) girlfriend to be my bridesmaid as we get on really well and are quite close. She was thrilled and really excited. However, over Christmas her best friend got engaged which is great. But since then I feel like she isn't really interested in our wedding anymore as much as with her friend. I'm a bit paranoid generally so not sure if i am being dramatic here?

Any advice would be great though

thanks xx 



  • MrsMac2b3MrsMac2b3 Posts: 110

    I would say you're overreacting. Your wedding is always going to be at the forefront of your mind, not so much others. Being permanently excited for a friend's wedding would be exhausting. 

    You haven't said when your wedding is or what exactly she isn't interested in.

    If you had organised wedding related things and she doesn't turn up, or show interest such as bridesmaid dress fittings then you may be could be right but if you just mean in general terms, ie she doesnt initiate conversation or engage you every time you mention your wedding then im not sure it's anything to be concerned about.

    If your wedding isn't for a while either then it could just be it's not on her radar but her newly-ish engaged friend is probably still in that engagement bubble.

    One thing you need to be careful of is ensure whenever you talk or get together, it's not all about you or your wedding. You've every right to be fully excited and involved in planning but not everything in your bridesmaid/friends life will revolve around your wedding. (I'm speaking both as a bride to be and bridesmaid here)

    I know there are plenty of people who say 'a bridesmaids only duty is to turn up on the day and put on a dress" and whilst I agree with that mantra extent, a bridesmaid is someone you can rely on for help, guidance and emotional support...but you can't expect that 24/7. 

    Try not to worry about it too much xo

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I think you need to arrange to get together with her, not necessarily to talk weddings, but for a catch up, and take things from there.

    I wouldn't do anything too drastic as you may risk damaging your friendship for good. Your wedding is of course important to you but other people will not be consumed by this and it may be that he doesn't realise that you feel like this, or that it's too soon to be making arrangements.

  • Thanks ladies. It's just slightly annoying as she is visiting venues with her and dress shops... Although to be fair I haven't asked anyone to come with me! 

    I think I am definitely looking too much into it! 

    Thanks for your advice xx

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