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Wedding aisle anxiety!!!

Am I the only one terrified of walking down the aisle? I feel sick to my stomach, appetite gone completely. 

Everything else I am fine with and calm about, the aisle thing though... blegh!!!

I get married on Friday


What are your thoughts and experiences? xx


  • KirBeKirBe Posts: 1,162 New bride

    I don't get married until October but I still have major aisle fear!!

    It's actually the bit of the day I am dreading the most so I feel your pain!!


    Good luck for Friday, I'm sure you'll have an amazing day (and atleast the walking down the aisle is over first! )



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  • Emma-30Emma-30 Posts: 55 New bride

    I feel exactly the same! I don't get married until next May though, so I have a bit of time yet.

    I am just hoping that I am going to be able to remain calm and not get too anxious but I suppose everyone gets a bit nervous. Are you walking with anyone down the aisle? It makes me feel a bit better that at least I will have my dad there.

    I would just concentrate on your other half at the end of the aisle. It does not take long and if you can try to enjoy it, I'm sure it will all be over in a flash!

    All the best for Friday! Let us know how it goes

  • I am terrified too! I'm just planning to focus on h2b and try to block out everyone else out. That'll calm me down. And I'll be holding on to my dad very hard in case I trip.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    It's one of the part of the day I am looking forward to most! Not sure why! 

    What shoes are you wearing? Go for flats (even if you change just before/just after) so that you have no fear of tripping. Are you walking with someone - in which case just tell them to hold you tight. Just focus on your H2B at the end and I am sure you will be fine! 

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    I cant work out if I feel terrified or extremely excited about it!? it is a really strange feeling!!

    I think the aisle walk I will be ok with when it is happening, the bit I feel most nervous about is the part when the registrars come to the room to talk to you alone, then it becomes real! all the fun of the morning is over and you have literally 10 minutes and your wedding day is in full swing!! I think the waiting to walk will be the most nerve-racking part of the day!!

    Just take deep breaths, focus on your h2b, pretend he is the only one in the room! take it all in!

    Good luck!! enjoy your wedding day!! xx


  • Rosie, I am getting married on Sunday and I know I should be so excited about everything but all I can focus on is walking down the aisle so you are not alone! I'm so worried I will March straight down the aisle looking at the floor! No real advice but friends have told me that you do feel much better on the day so we will see!

    Jen x

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  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I'm more concerned about the first dance. People watching us whilst we sway awkwardly to what will feel like the world's longest 3 minutes ever. We're planning on having a few practise attempts beforehand as we don't do dancing together.

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    You will all be fine. I was so worried but believe me on the day it all goes away. 

    My advice. Breathe, take a second. Look at your husband and go get married! This is what it's all about. Enjoy every moment it's over far to quickly. 

    The room will be filled with all the people you love so no one is judging you I promise. Don't think, just do it and enjoy it 

    i have to admit, I hated my first dance I didn't even want to do one. So I had the Dj announce that after the first verse all the couples had to join us. People got their photos and it was a great way to start the dancing. 

    good luck and happy wedding days to you all xx 

  • I get married on Saturday and I feel the exact same. I have constant butterflies and feel sick due to thinking about walking down the aisle. Everyone staring at me is what is freaking me out the most... and I don't want to cry! anyone have any tips on how to hold it in???



  • Some good advice in the posts.  I would reiterate to take deep breaths and focus on your H2B.  Useful tip about the flat shoes if you are worried about tripping over. Try and put in perspective that it is a tiny part of the day and will literally be done with in less than a minute.

    Have an amazing day xx

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