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wedding songs

stuck for ideas on wedding songs!

our venue wants 3 songs - one to walk down the aisle, sign the register (1/2 songs) and walking out.

we have absolutely no idea!!


help? :)


decided on our first dance - lonestar - amazed


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    This is hard for anyone to answer because it's so down to personal taste. Some people use classic wedding songs (eg wedding march, Pachelbel), some use romantic love songs, some use their fave rock song. I'm using some movie theme music, some instrumental Disney love songs and some ABBA. See what I mean?

    Just try and think about songs that you both like, songs that might mean something to the two of you, or just some nice classical music that you like. The only thing you can't have is anything with religious words or messages as you aren't getting married in a church.

  • CE26CE26 Posts: 351 New bride

    I'm walking down the aisle to a cover of All OF Me - the lyrics mean a lot to me and I proposed to OH with that song.

    For singing the register we have James Blunt's Bonfire Heart and Fleetwood Mac's You Make Loving Fun...if we need a third it'll be Come and a Get Your Love from Guardians of the Galaxy. I love the lyrics to the first and really like the idea of having upbeat music in the middle of the ceremony.

    To walk out it'll be Can You Dig It from Iron Man 3 as a nod to our geek side. 

    As Sammykate says, it's a personal decision so look for songs you both enjoy listening to. They don't even have to be romantic. 

    If you're really struggling just do a Google search, there are loads of lists for suggested wedding songs. 

  • We have some really random music but it's music we love! Robin Schulz waves instrumental, Kygo here for you instrumental, I am walking down the aisle to 'Rather be' by a violinist I found on youtube! We are totally going against the grain but why not?!

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I'm torn between walking down the aisle to Kissing You by Des'ree, Turning Page by Sleeping at Last or Can't Help Falling in Love With You the version by Ingrid Michaelson. Songs to sign the register to are Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd as a nod to those who can't be with us and possibly Use Somebody by Kings of Leon (my favourite band). As for walking back up the aisle, we haven't got a clue! I love the version of All You Is Love from Love Actually but h2b isn't too keen.

  • I walked down the aisle to a piano version of Stone Roses, This is the One. Our 2 signing songs were Take That, Greatest Day and Bryan Adams, Everything I Do and we walked back down the aisle to the upbeat version of How Long will I Love You from the film About Time.

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    We had a harpist, and she played All You Need is Love for me to walk down the aisle to, and I surprised hubs with a cover of the Darkness song I Believe in a Thing Called Love to exit to.. The signing the register songs we let her have free reign on and in all honesty I couldn't tell you what she chose, I was too giddy 😂

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