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On going Bridesmaid drama

Ok so someone please tell me if I'm being crazy - I can take it! 

One of My bridesmaids is one of my really good friends from college and when i asked her to be I the wedding everything was great! She was excited and I was excited and all was good in the world. Since then she had gotten engaged and married, which is awesome! I was I her wedding and was supportive and excited and there to help with whatever she needed Even though she planned her wedding to be exactly 3 months before mine. Which i got over because I was genuinely excited for theor wedding -and to be a part of their day! 

Now my wedding is less than 2 months away, she hasnt been to anything since I asked her a year ago to be a part of my day, including my bridal shower. I dealt with that because she was on her "honeymoon" which I later learned was an impromptu vacation and her real honeymoon is actually in December. She didn't text me at all that weekend wishing me a good day or asking how it was and that really hurt my feelings And I let her know that.  She's since stopped answering my texts and when I finally got her to answer she is being super short and uninterested but when talk comes up about anything from her wedding she gets extrwmely excited about it. I booked a room at the hotel for the night before the wedding for all of the bridesmaids and she is asking about what time hair is starting in the morning so i have a feeling she's probably going to be bailing on that too...

im to the point where I feel like I can't talk to my other BMs or MOH because they're super involved and pissed by her lack of effort and care. I keep getting asked if I want someone like that in my wedding and I feel like I wouldn't be this upset if I didn't want her to be there. I just would like the same effort that I put into her day from her...

so now I don't know what to do, am I just overreacting?


  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    Oh dear I am sorry to hear this makes you unhappy's hard when your weddings are so close, also when you are first married you do want to spend more time with your hubby.

    if you are good friends,it seems you were, perhaps you could gran a coffee/ bite to eat and have a bit of a chat with her...

     I know it can be hard, but try not to be negative..try not to start with I was upset you didn't come to the hen night...try to be positive with I am looking forward to you being with me on my day..I wondered what you were thinking of re timings and if it would be possible if you stayed the night before..I would really appreciate that!...

     There is a very down time after your wedding...and she may well b. thinking this way, I know some brides who have said that they were jealous going to another wedding so close as they miss their own day and all the preparations and also are scared that the wedding may upstage their own

    i hope you get things sorted...good luck x

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