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Wedding nerves!

My wedding is in 32 days and im starting to get petrified. Ive got pretty much everything sorted but im.scared something will go wrong! Most of all im nervous about the church, walking down the aisle and saying my vows makes me incredibly nervous! Im scared ill cry also, like so much i cant speak. Anyone else feeling this way?! Ive got a month to go and already not sleeping!


  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Aww everyone get nervous its only natural. Just think all the people that are there as you walk down the aisle are there because they care for you and want to see you get married. Practice taking long slow breaths to help you stay calm, practice this at night now when you are trying to sleep might help for that too. Some people swear by rescue remedy too, but I don't have any personal experience. Don't let this exciting time in the lead up to your wedding be spoilt by tiredness and anxiety. Good luck.


  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    I got pretty nervous in the last few weeks. Excited, but also nervous. I was worried about the walk down the aisle, saying my vows in front or an audience and blubbing like  a baby all the way through! I still felt nervous on the day but I held it together and you will too. You'll have the best day of your life- I promise.

    I wasn't worried about things going wrong- I just took it for granted nothing would! Not a lot you can do on the day so have a plan B for all the things that could 'go wrong' and matter to you and then leave things to fate. I had a detailed plan B for every aspect of the whole day so had anything gone wrong I wouldn't be thinking on my feet and my wedding party were briefed on the plan B so they could help out. I can always private message you my plan B if you inspiration :)

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