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None of my family are coming

This is a bit of a long winded story so please bear with me..

I have always been really close to my family, my mum was my best friend growing up, except things have gone really wrong :(

I got engaged just over a year ago and we get married on the 24th September this year. Everything was lovely until we announced the wedding date to my family. My sister stopped talking to me and replying to messages and my mum is not coming to the wedding.

My dad was diagnosed with dementia at the beginning of the year which is why we have rushed the wedding a bit so he was able to come, but even he changed his mind last week and said he just couldn't face it, not because he is unhappy with us getting married but because he is too confused and nervous about coming. That I can deal with, at least I know he is happy for us.

But I really don't know how to handle the situation with my mum and sister. My mum works with me 2 days a week and everything is normal at work, we get on so well until the wedding is mentioned and then she just flips out and tells me not to go through with it.

I've been asking her since we booked it to change her mind and be there and she avoided the topic until a week ago when she revealed she's booked a holiday over the weekend of our wedding.

Any advice or support would be much appreciated as this gets me down so much :( x


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Why the sudden change? Has she said why she doesn't want to come any more?

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  • FG43FG43 Posts: 3

    She just says that although she loves my other half she doesn't like some of his behavior. when we first got together he had some minor anger issues which he has resolved now, but she cannot get over it. They were never terrible issues he just thought yelling was the only way to be heard.

    But this has not been an issue until we announced the wedding.

    MrsTwizbe wrote (see post):

    Why the sudden change? Has she said why she doesn't want to come any more?


  • FG43FG43 Posts: 3

    Thank you Kitten2014

    My other half's family have been so incredible, so has my aunt (mums sister). But all that does is make my mum and sister's behavior seem more extreme. Part of me wishes we could just cancel the whole thing and run away together but I know that would break his mum's heart.

    I just would never have dreamed of a wedding where my mum wasn't involved :( x

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  • I really feel for you.  Sounds like the strain of your Dad's illness has taken its toll on your mum and sister and they perhaps are not quite thinking straight.  I don't really have any advice other than trust your instincts and do what feels right in your heart. All the best xx

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