Mutton dressed as lamb

I am planning my silver wedding renewal cermony (hand tying) at a spectacular dream location atop of Anoch Mor.

However I am terrified that I may end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb, I have changed so much since my wedding in1993 & I am no longer confident in the way I look.

I am going dress shopping after the New Year but I am already thinking I will look ridiculous, I no longer know what would suit my body type or even what is appropriate for my age 56.

This is the only thing I am worried about everything else is so exciting.

Any tips on how I could boost my confidence before I a fool of myself.

My husband thinks & tells me I am as beautiful as the day we married but 25 years on erm I don't think so





  • We all have body image issues at some point in our life. I too worried what would be suitable for me to wear. It my issues related to my weight.....what I will say is you will look amazing no matter what you wear and age has nothing to do with it. 

    your husband tells you he still finds you as beautiful as the day you married and that should fill you with all the confidence you need. so what your body changed, i bet you have stories to go with it be it having kids, or a night out with the girls, holidays. When you go shopping forget your age and what is age appropriate spend time trying on different styles and see what you feel happiest in And go from there. 

  • First thing is you won't look like mutton dressed as lamb, you will be radiant.  I had similar doubts as an older bride to be and not nearly the size I want to be, I dreaded shopping, my advice is make a day of it and don't worry about the what ifs. Book a champagne high tea, go with someone you trust and concentrate on what the positives, loving husband, long happy marriage, friends to celebrate with. You WILL find an outfit and the day will be magical.  If you were in the Glasgow area I would happily buy the fizz and wish you the happiest day.  Failing that, you could get a dress maker to do something bespoke to make you look fabulous and feel comfortable.

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