Another bridesmaid issue...

Evening all,

I having an issue/dilemma with my maid of hour.

We have been best friends since Primary school and she is a lovely woman however her communication is a bit lacking. 

She will frequently read a message but not respond for ages. She has recently moved to Kent for work (I live in Guernsey) so communciation and contact is even more difficult.

The two main problems at the moment are bridesmaid dresses and hen do.

When she moved, I asked if she wanted to get her dress in the UK (I'm paying) and she said no that she wanted to save it from trips home. She came home at Christmas but the dress lady was away. I don't know when she back over and therefore when we will be able to order the dress.

For the hen-do, she is organising a weekend in London just the two of us. I suggested dates to her in June (we agreed this month) but she hasn't confirm if they are ok. I will need to book the Friday off work and book flights.

I am just started to feel stressed as can't plan for these items i.e. costs etc


  • It is annoying when people are incommunicado! As your wedding is in September you have time, but perhaps you could tell her the latest date you need to order by and ask when she can do before that date?

    I understand about the cost thing... Could you set an upper limit on what you'll spend so you know the max budget?

    it would be better if she would just bloody reply but don't fall out, it's not worth it.

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride

    Hi Littlespice

    We have a dress chosen so we the cost just not the when!

    Definitely won't fall out with her as I love her to bits it's just very frustrating 

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    She probably doesn't realise how you're feeling about it so maybe call her or send a message saying that u know it's a while off yet but any chance we can set some dates as i'm feeling a bit anxious about getting all done a would feel better if we had it set x

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