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Anybody postponing their wedding?

Hi everyone,

Well as you have guessed we have decided to postpone our big day for many different reasons going from important family being abroad (Ghana, Ivory Coast, France, Belgium, Switzerland etc.) and all need to be able to make it, which wouldnt be the case with our current date.

Also we need to do African wedding before we can do the White Dress wedding and in 7 months or so, we simply dont have enough time to do it all..

It's quite depressing because I was very well advanced in the planning, our day was supposed to be in 7 months.. I have my dress, the venue, photographer, cater, wedding coordinator, florist all booked and a few other things. We were just about to send the Save the Date..

Luckily we found a new date where all the vendors are all able to postpone but it still sucks big time!

My partner as always has been amazing, he has been very supportive and really I am blessed to have him so I dont want to be sad in front of him because I know he feels bad already - even though its not his fault at all.

Anyway I guess I just needed to say it out loud!

Not too sure what to do with my time now, if I should keep planning with those 9 additional months or if I should just take a break, but then Im scared to struggle to get back into it.

I feel awfull and spoiled to be complaining about this when people have worse problem in life, but I cant help it sorry 


  • Yup I was meant to be getting married Sept 2017 and now I'm getting married March 2018. Had a compllocated pregnancy in 2016 - I couldnt see the near future and due to bring in hospital a lot I couldn't do any wedding planning so lost our venue. However, I've found a new venue and my beautiful son is nearly 6 months old now.

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Aaaww shellybellyx sorry about the complicated pregnancy but big congrats on your baby boy, God bless you and your family  

    It's funny my original date also was Sept 2017, how funny! But now, its Summer 2018.

    I am slowly starting to realise it that I definitely wont get married in Sept and well get on with it..

    I do believe God's timing is always the best and I trust Him as always, everything happens for a reason... 

    Really really happy for you and all the best on your big day in March 

  • We were originally getting married October 2016 but due to other financial commitments we pushed it back to October 2017. It's absolutely flown by though!! When our original date came around, I thought I'd be a bit sad, but honestly, it just made me so much more excited about the new date. In fact, I've been much more excited since postponing than I was about the original date. 

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Aww thats great to hear MrsStobe4 I'm happy for you! and glad as well that when the original date came, you were not sad 

    I have to admit that's exactly what I'm scared of... Being miserable because we postponed.. Patience is definitely not my strength..

    I am struggling to let go of the old date - I have this wedding planning app & master excel file and I was already so organised and in advance for our initial date (even our wedding planner was impressed!) but I now have 9 more months and struggling to bring myself to slow down wedding planning or even take a break.

    I feel like if I stop, I'm gonna lose my excitement and positive planning vibe but at the same time because the waiting is now longer I am scared to over-plan the day (if that's even possible) and be put off  

    So that's my struggle at the moment.

    What we have decided though is to do a little something together to celebrate our love on our original date, nothing amazing but just a little reminder that we were ready to become husband & wife on that day. I hope, like you, I will be happy on that day too 

  • I completely understand what you mean. My only "issue" with postponing it, was that we too had everything booked bar the venue dresser or mens suits, and I started questioning whether they were the right choices and we've actually cancelled a few things (including my dress) and changed suppliers on other things which obviously resulted in us losing deposits, but I'm definitely much happier with how it's turning out now.

    Just keep reminding yourself that it isn't cancelled, it's just postponed, and what made me think positively about it was that I had an extra year to get excited and enjoy the run up to it, it's over far too quickly. If we had kept to the original date, our time would be over now, long forgotten, and we wouldn't have it to look forward to, but it just so happens I'm more excited than ever and I'm having longer to enjoy it. 

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    See MrsStobe4, that's exactly what I am scared of : changing things and even the dress.

    How come if you dont mind me asking, and what did you do or are you doing with the original dress?

    And thanks for the advice, definitely need to keep reminding myself and feeling that it isn't cancelled but just postponed..

    Thank you ever so much x

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