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5 months to go and I'm doubting every choice....

So 5 months to go and most of the  big things are organised but now Im having doubts about everything (apart from marrying my fiance) like did I choose the right dress, venue etc. Have any of you ladies felt the same or are feeling the same? 


  • I've got just under 5 months to go and I'm not having those doubts yet but my worries are focused around 'will anyone come' atm as we are waiting on RSVPs 🙈 It's terrifying haha!

    im sure the questioning decisions stage will come though 😂 I've seen lots of ladies on here have those sorts of doubts I think it's probably normal as we spend so much time and money and focus on one day you think oh should I have done it like that instead or chosen that... only advice I can give is to remember why you chose those things in the first place and how you felt at the time! I.e. Did you walk into your venue and picture your wedding immediately and get butterflies? Did you feel super pretty when you tried on your dress? Did you absolutely love that colour and picture your bridesmaids in those dresses? Just think back 😄 Xxx

  • It's totally normal to get the jitters about everything once it starts to get closer and feel a bit more real, don't worry!

  • I think that is very normal at some stage. Do you really think that you won't have the best day of your life with the plans as they are? The details are just a part of it, but the biggest part is marrying the love of your life and having all your favourite people there to celebrate.

    I haven't had many doubts yet mostly because I am quite daunted by organising something so major and I'm just relieved that the big things are sorted! My main worry seems to be my strapless bra... just can't find my ideal size. Is there such thing as a 35CC?

  • Missy6Missy6 Posts: 50

    Glad to know it's normal. I loved my venue when I first saw it and I thought the dress was great. Thanks for the ad I've.  I'm trying to find a strapless, backless bra. I'm trying those stick on bras. Is there a lingerie shop near you where you can get measured? 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    Yep so far I've doubted the venue, the dress, the table decorations, whether we should just elope. You'll be pleased to know with 6 weeks to go, I'm now happy with all of my choices and no longer doubting anything. It's just all part and parcel of the wedding rollercoaster.

  • Missy6Missy6 Posts: 50

    Nikkim thanks for that. 

  • I reckon once all the pieces slot into place, you won't doubt a thing. July is always a fabulous month as well!

    Italybride I bet your RSVPs will come flooding in nearer the reply deadline. People are lazy and think they have ages, then it comes round and they panic!

    Thanks Missy, yes I should get measured properly really.. I have never tried the stick on bras but they seem more & more popular so worth a go!

  • Thanks RoseGold! I'm just nervous now but know I shouldnt be as mostly the guests are family and know they are all almost 100% coming so it just about 15 that im not 100% on but as we only have 54 guests anyway I want to try and keep at least 45 - 50... fingers crossed! RSVP deadline isnt until 31st March, wish I'd put it sooner now haha x

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I think it's normal, there is so much choice for every aspect of a wedding it's hard!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Awww its horrid this bit ,  i have experience and qualifications in project management and this is second time around for me ive had doubts about all sorts at this stage.  Just trust your judgement youve got the man right and really the rest is just fripperies!     


    I ended up on medication planning my first wedding it was awful and i was soo stressed but we had 450 guests!  


    This time 80 guests and if they dont all come all the more keylime pie for me!!


    as for underwear what underwear? not wearing anything uncomfortable and restricting my dress is a custom ian stuart strapless gown and im not wearing a bra!  


    we found love who cares about the colour of table cloths!:)




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