A brilliant article every stressed bride shoud read!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share this article I found today whilst googling 'feeling sad about getting married'. It is hugely reassuring and explains the feeling of loss really well. I'm also pleased to hear that the more I feel the uncomfortable feelings now, the more happy (and at peace) I should feel on the wedding day and beyond :-)

I hope you like it too:


Big hug to anyone not feeling facebook-worthy happy happy happy blah xxx





  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Hi clip clop this was brilliant !  Its so true to! This is me second marriage and in fresh out of a messy divorce a cancer scare which resulted in various parts being removed and graduating from uni last year!   

    i have doubted screamed and cried over my new relationship thinking it was too soon or i didnt aant to be married again after all the hurt of losing my childhood sweetheart and a 28 year marriage.  

    But you know, life goes on and you have to take the good bits where you can, i proposed to a man id known for 3 months and he said yes of course:)!   He picked me up took me from the worries of maybe having cancer,  from losing any chance of children with him,  and after i lost my house , off the streets to!


      Weve had a two year engagement and have fun everyday living together.  He is healing me with his love and stolid refusal to let me go.    Thats the man i am willing to share my life with and go through this very turbulent time!   


    Bright blessings and thank you


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