Another drinking partner down

I have 6 best girl friends. 

As some of you may know one of my BMs bailed on me at the weekend and says she can no longer be a BM or come to my hen party as she just found out she is pregnant...

One is due her first baby 3 weeks before my wedding, we have had on-going problems but have recently made up - she isn't coming to my hen as heavily preggers and will try her best to come to my wedding.

The third...and best friend has just emailed me to tell me that she is pregnant now. She said its very early days so she will play my hen do by ear for now but she will deffo be at the wedding she just wont be drinking...fair do's!

I've just come on here to have a small cry....I am soooo gutted that the last one is pregnant at this point in time, only because she is my very best drinking buddy and we've joked the whole time about my hen being a re-enactment of our youths!!!! we've both been texting  about drinking Smirnoff Ices and doing Apple shots etc! lol!!

I'm down to 3 girls now... I prob sound so selfish and I totally agree that everyone has their own lives to lead...but for right now in this moment I just want to feel sad for myself!! I lost 2 drinking buddies in the space of 6 days! waaaaaaa!!!!xxxx


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    Littlespice you are so right! I'm over the moon for all of my girls and have shown them nothing but excitement - I am really excited!! it is as you say just about readjusting my expectations.  I'm more gutted about my hen than my wedding, just that its something we have spoken about for such a long time and only last week I was at hers and she was dancing about to the Kevin&Perry film music saying that's what we are gna be like on my hen! we were falling about laughing at all the old times we used to go out and she was saying how we needed to do some tequila shots like back in the day! lol!! I'm just going to miss her as a drinking buddy and that is really all it other girls aren't like her.  I guess 2 girls in the space of a week is just a bit of a mind boggle.....xxxx


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    Aw mrs g2 thats horrid!!  Nice for them of course but really how inconsiderate:).  Im joking there!  


    Well you have 3 left so you will just have to make up the shots between you:).  

    Chin up girl best drinking foot forward. 

    Im not sure what im doingfor a hen do my best mate and my daughters are arguing over whos arranging it and if they can dare to get a stripper!:)

  • I feel your pain Mrs G2B! My 2 best friends (maid of honour and BM) both told me they were pregnant within 2 weeks of each other! MOH is due 4 days after the wedding and bridesmaid will be 7 months pregnant at the wedding. I am so over the moon for both of them but of course I'm a little disappointed we won't be dancing into the small hours and doing shots all night just like you are!! But you still have your other girls for that, maybe you can do something else special with your pregnant friends, afternoon tea/spa day, so they still feel involved and you still feel like you're getting quality time with your girls? 

    Both of mine are still coming to my hen do and to the wedding though (fingers crossed!), they just won't drink! I don't see why your friend doesn't think she can't be a BM just because she is preg, I found some lovely BM maternity dresses in the same colour as my other BM dresses. They are both still desperate to be involved. 

    I totally get how you feel though, everyone keeps saying to me 'oh no are you gutted?!' which makes it worse!  I'm just trying not to think about the fact my best friend in the entire world might not be able to make my actual wedding :( 

    My finace keeps making jokes about sending the other BMs condoms. Haha. 

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    Im not a big drinker so I think I would be secretly quite relieved 😂

    Poor you though, what are the chances! Is it the no drinking that bothers you or that they may miss out and not be there?

    You could maybe plan something non alcoholic but still nice as a mini hen do for bridesmaids. Afternoon tea with naked waiters? 😂 A spa day (pregnant women can do those they just have to be careful with essential oils and massages, and avoid overheating. I had a lovely spa day when quite heavily pregnant, it was just what I needed).

    If its the alcohol then enjoy the hen with your remaining drinkers and as somebody said above, you can drink the pregnants share 😂🎉

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    Thanks ladies, I feel better about it all this morning.  It doesn't take me long to get used to changes but I do have to get my head around them.

    The only friend that may have to miss my wedding is the one who is due 3 weeks before? her baby could be late or she might not feel up to the wedding etc. But I have come to terms with that and if she does miss it then we plan to have a girly day in the future watching our wedding videos together with a take-away! lol! we are also having an afternoon tea hen party so that she is included as she is too pregnant to attend my main hen.

    Samantha, my BM, her baby has come as quite a shock, she was on the pill.  I think until she has got her head around it my wedding is just not a priority and I totally don't blame her! her whole life has just turned a corner she wasn't expecting and right now she cant see anything passed whats going on with her.  She needs time and I've told her to just focus on her and not even give the wedding another thought, i don't want her stressing and she is more important.  I will sort whatever needs to be done and in all honesty - it doesn't matter to me if she is a BM or a guest, as long as she is there and feels happy.  She said she wont be at my hen or be a BM but who knows....she may feel better in a month and decide she does want to take part still.

    My third friend who told me yesterday, i know she will be at my wedding still.  I'm so excited that she is pregnant, I felt gutted for my hen and that was all, i hope she will still come even if she doesn't drink but i was sad i lost her as a drinking buddy! and that was all really! she is just my very best friend and my oldest friend and we've been talking about my hen for years....before i even met my H2B ....yes seriously!! hahaha!!

    As i said, i feel better now and i will deffo drink their share!! i don't ever drink, i don't ever have nights out but for my hen i am gone give it a good go!! hahaha!!

    I like the spa ideas I've only got 3 months left until the wedding now though and limited funds! i also work 6 days a week and have no holiday left as ive used it all for the wedding and honeymoon so organising things has to fit into a Saturday night and a sunday as that's al i have off :(

    I've been to a hen with naked butlers before!!! LOL!!!! hilarious!!! i haven't seen one for afternoon tea though but gna look online now!! lol! xx


  • I feel your pain! My best friend of 15 years who I was bridesmaid for at her wedding announced she was pregnant and due in may. We are getting married abroad in August and she can't make my wedding. 

    I am absolutely gutted. Super excited for her but gutted that she will be heavily pregnant during my hen and won't be there to walk down the aisle with me on the day. 

    You feel so selfish being sad about it but it's understandable!

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