Dress Fitting Dissapointment.

I feel like all I ever do is come on here to moan, I'm sorry! I think the fact my wedding is next month and I don't really want to lay my stresses on others probably doesn't help. 

I've just been for my first dress fitting and all I've wanted to do since is cry. 

 I was so confident I'd lost weight. My waist is smaller (which, for a mermaid dress I was pretty psyched about) I was pretty sure my arse was still in check and I my boobs haven't changed size since I was about 16. I even did a size check the other day and the skirt I had since I was 18 fit like a glove  

They took my measurements a few times before I got round to trying on my dress, and then pinned me up as they're taking a fair bit from the bottom. But by that point I'd already started to feel like crap. Looking in the mirror I felt hideous. Then they told me they'd have to take the dress out around my hips, which when they ordered the dress, they did say my hips measured larger than my top half, but ordered the smaller size and even given that I was told not to lose too much weight.

But, apparently now I measure larger on my bust and my waist but my hips are the same. They told me that I HAD to maintain my weight because the next fitting will be my last (I should have up to three included in my alterations costs. £200 may I add) but I feel disgusted with myself that I've put weight on for my wedding and that I'm going to look like shit without being able to do anything about it. Because clearly the year long diet hasn't worked... even though I thought it had. I eat around 1200 calories a day and walk to work every day and I've been doing a few toning exercises too  

I spent the last couple of weeks thinking I was finally seeing results, only now I'm back a step one and don't know what to do. I look at myself and don't see what I saw in that mirror today. I feel awful because I love my dress, my parents have contributed towards it and my sister ran me on a 100 mile round trip to go to the fitting and I couldn't even speak on the way home I was so disappointed with the experience. 

Has anyone has anything similar? Does it tend to work out alright in the end. 

I mean they also made me take my bra off when I've actually bought a bra for my dress but measured my bust with a bra?! Arghh bride-lema! 😭


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    Please don't despair Claire! I had my first fitting two weeks ago and I was going through the same worries. It was too big and weighed down on my frame so didn't sit right and I was worried it wasnt flattering. I kept cocking my head to one side and squinting. I think when I tried it on in the shop they had clamped it at the back in the right places and I was up on that step so I looked longer and elegant.

    However, I went for the second fitting last week and I was over the moon. It fit like a glove and sat correctly and turns out these seamstress ladies really know their sh*t! I didn't want to take it off. It will make all the difference when they do the alterations, believe me.

    Plus when you have your accessories, hair and make-up done it will be hard not to feel like a million dollars.

  • Ah! That's really good! Glad to hear you love your dress now! I hope mine turns out the same. 

    Im just so confused that I've tried 4 mirrors today and felt like I was looking good, as soon as I got the the dress shop I looked like chunk from the Goonies. 

    I want to carry on losing weight, not even for the wedding, it's for the honeymoon too but they told me in no uncertain terms to maintain but I'm not happy to do that. Its a corset back so I hope if I did shed a bit more it'd be ok. I'm just worried that they're letting it out for comfort. Like, I don't want to be comfy, I want to look hot! 

  • Sorry ladies, I'm still really panicking about this. 

    Would they take in the cups of the bust? They made me take my bra off and through out didn't ask me about underwear. 

    I have a bra to wear, I'm not comfortable without one which didn't help with the fitting either. They asked if I'd like padding and I said no but didn't get chance to finish with 'I have a bra to wear' so it's a bit gapey at the top. 

    they didn't mention taking it in but I'm worried that when I have a bra on I'll look like I'm packed in like a sausage. 

    I should have worn it to the fitting but I was told to just bring my shoes so I bought a nude strapless bra to go in as I don't want to wear my wedding underwear before the wedding. Especially as I went straight from work. 

    I feel like I've just let myself in for a month of worry now. They didn't ask me once what I thought, if I'd like any amendments. Just made me sit down and asked if it was ok. Now I'm worried that my dream dress won't be what I expected. 

    I know I have to trust them but i just feel awkward and anxious about the whole thing and just wasnt confident enough to habe any input as they weren't really bothered about what I wanted anyway. Luckily my mum will be with me for the next one but what if it's too little too late? 


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    I would give the shop a call if I were you Claire, and just explain how you are feeling - it'll save you a long month of worry! Especially if you've been informed your next fitting will be the last, but this wasn't what you expected and you're concerned that you will still be unhappy with it then.

    I was informed rather sternly that if I expect to wear a bra on the day, then I need to wear the same bra to the fitting.

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    So sorry to hear this, I really think your next fitting will be better. the dress will fit you better as they have now made it to your measurements. You do need to take your wedding day bra and do not take it off if you are planning on wearing it for that day. If you need it make sure you have a third fitting. You will need to have this taken into account as it will add on extra few cms. 

    Its good your mum is going as she will back you up. but so you know with most wedding dresses you really don't need to wear a bra (I know this is scary i'm a 34ff but actually the dress and I was fine without it). 

    Hugs and I hope it goes better next time, when id your next fitting

  • I just feel like I was massively unprepared for it. It was almost like an afterthought that they told me to bring my shoes in. 

    Stupidly, even though I'd read to take your underwear, because they didn't ask for it I thought I wouldn't need it. I certainly wasn't expecting them to tell me to whip my bra off. 

    It just got me in such a fluster. It sounds weird but I'm really not comfortable with my boobs. They're not exactly symetrical and I found a lump when I was 21 and I never really had the relief of it being nothing to worry about but more now that I constantly worry about them. I'm a lost cause, I know. But I just like to keep them encased and comfortable. 

    Ahh I think I'll drop them an email. Maybe say I've found a bra so I don't want the bust of the dress adjusting. 

    Its rubbish that between the three of them they were talking about it but not really talking me through it so I don't know what's happening to a dress I've paid a fortune for. I thought it would be quite a nice experience. Haha. 

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