wedding is turning me into a paranoid mess !

hi everyone,

                      I only seem to post negative worry rants on here, I promise I am actually excited about my wedding I just cant stop feeling anxious about so many aspects ! main ridiculous worries

im worried the vendors if chosen wont turn up ! now that isn't so bad if its the photo booth but what on earth do you do if the photographer or the band get sick or don't turn up ! ive booked everything now but worry about reliability , this drives me nuts and there isn't anything I can do about it so I cant reassure myself !

I also fell out with maid of honour last November and she's a very selfish naughty person, when we were friends she threatened to cancel her sister in laws wedding because she didn't like her ! . she was going to her wedding, she isn't coming to mine so she's got even more reason to cancel mine ! I have spoke to the venue and emailed the registrar , but the venue just said they would make a note of it but didn't seem to take me seriously so I doubt they actually did !


other worries I suppose are just natural, worrying no one will turn up, worrying there will be no atmosphere , oh and worried the kids of the close family we have invited will scream the whole day long !. also worry my colour scheme theme wont paly out the way I planned and look really rubbish !


I am driving myself insane, if I talk to my h2b he just keeps saying stop stressing, or its miles away stop worrying ! its 5 months away hardly a long time in wedding terms, my mum just says im daft and I worry to much ! im just expecting something to go wrong !


anyone else worry about these things or am I totally paranoid !




  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440 New bride

    It's natural to worry... I worry people will turn up, look and the centrepieces and think 'wtf', lol.  I also worry the invites wont look good, my dress won't fit and we won't have enough money to pay everyone for their services!

    Worst case scenario is my family get lost on the way to the wedding and miss it!!

    Its about wanting the perfect day.... but sometimes all you can do is say 'it's out of my hands now'.

    You've paid people to do their job... the chances of it all going wrong are tiny.

    Big hugs x

  • Mrs B2b3Mrs B2b3 Posts: 255

    Stop worrying! Even if those things do happen nothing will stop the ceremony 

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    It's natural to worr, you have put your heart and soul into planning but my advice is to check your contracts and.Contact your vendors mine have stand ins from their networks that will help ease that worry. 

    if you don't have wedding insurance try to squirrel away £1000 ideally it should be 10% and then you have back up cash if something goes wrong on the day or the week before- use it purely for emergencies not because you decid to buy all of the bridal party a bottle of Moët 

    Also try not to fret about this woma, you can't just ring and cancel weddings there are contracts and things that would need to be confirmed like balances in writing. People often say very wicked things but don't actually do them.

     I am panicking that my dress won't arrive in time to be altered as I left it late and that my colour scheme looks like vomit 

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Ah yes, I've got 7 weeks ish sorry 6 weeks!! Ahh til we get married.  Registrar is booked but not completed the ceremony form yet...

    Need to sort music out still, I have the music i'm walking down the aisle to (Christina Perri - A thousand years) but that's it's need 3 more songs and one for first dance!! And a list for dj!

    Still not sorted cake...

    Kind of done the tables decs but hard to decide if ok as without dressing the tables up I can't picture it.

    Only got one person to do a reading (is this weird?) after the wedding.

    Still stuff to book for honeymoon, I could go on...

    Am freaking about the first dance as I can't dance! Would like to sort some lessons out but running out of time.

    We also run our own business and end of tax year is nearly here....



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