Wanting 2 people to walk me down the isle, but need some advice.

So, typical story, parents got divorced when I was around 7, Dad and I have an alright relationship, but I really don't think he's earned the right to give me away. I love him, but the things I saw as a kid, leaving mum just after she was permanently put in a wheelchair and leaving me a full-time carer, I feel like he hasn't earned it.
I know it sounds bad, but I haven't actually met the other person I want to give me away, but he has done more for me than my father ever has. 


  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    So are you wanting them both to walk you down the aisle?  To be honest, in your situation I would probably opt to walk down by myself! I know that's easier said than done but as you said, your dad hasn't earned it and if the other person isn't important enough to have met yet then it doesn't sound like he does either.

    Many brides do it on their own, and some have there mums (not that it matters what anyone else does - it's your wedding!).  I think you need to have a good long think about this one.  

    I'm sorry you are in this situation, it must have been very hard for you.  This day is about you and your fiancé though, in this particular instance you need to ignore everyone else's feelings and do what you want to do.

    Good luck x


  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    I'm probably going to have 2 people walk me down too but I'm concerned in case the aisle isn't quite wide enough and we don't really fit! My dress is quite wide too :-/

    Like you, in some respects I don't think my dad had earned the right to give me away so I planned to ask my mum instead. But then my dad has been quite keen to be involved and I think he does want to make things up so I didn't want to upset him and asked him as well. He has given us a big donation towards the wedding and I also think he regrets the bad stuff from the past so I'm happy for him to do it but I want my mum as well.

    My advice would be to think about the journey from wherever you're staying to the ceremony and those last moments before the wedding. Who do you want to spend those moments with?  Try and come to a decision you are happy with, not just to please others.

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    If you saidyour mum and dad or mum and step dad i would say yes but not your own dad and some other obviously nice person no.  


    Pick the one you want and sxplain to dad why you dont want him.  Im sure he will understand your choice.  


    Or go it alone. 



  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440 New bride

    Do you have a brother or someone that you are more close to?

    In your situation... I wouldn't have either.

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    I think walking down the aisle by yourself is a good choice.  

    When I married before I walked down alone.  My dad died several years ago, and I felt if it wasn't him with me, it was just going to be me.  I have 2 sons, but would have felt strange walking with both, and choosing one over the other would be impossible!

    There's something nice and peaceful walking by yourself to meet your fiance.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I also wouldnt think either of them are the right choice. I would probably walk myself down, or maybe walk with my mum or maid of honour.

  • Thank you guys, I really appreciate the help <3


  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440 New bride

    Ooo that's a good idea... Walk with your matron of honour

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