10K+ Dorset Wedding or relaxed pub day

Hi everyone, 

I have been engaged since October 2016. Since that time, my partner and I have been through so many different wedding ideas, been to look at several venues and even looked into eloping!

The main issue for us (&most couples I'd imagine), is the budget. We don't/can't afford more than £8-10K. As it stands at the moment, we have found an amazing venue in Dorset which would become and small family and close friends weekend away in the countryside. This option will cost us at least £9K. It would be special and it would be memorable. However, I am slightly struggling to persuade myself to spend that amount of money on effectively just one day. 

On the flip side, the other option is to marry in Winchester registry office (it's beautiful) and then have a relaxed pub party afterwards. The pub that we have in mind is lovely. It has an amazing garden with a river running through it, outdoor pizza oven, indoor charm etc. Cost wise, we wouldn't be spending more than £5K.

Obviously, the second option is far more cost effective, and we would be able to go on a proper honeymoon after. But I worry that I maybe wouldn't feel like the day was special enough or up to everyone's standards?! Which is totally ridiculous because all I really care about is marrying my best friend. I'd love to hear from anyone with advice, or people in the same boat, people who have done the same thing?! Much appreciated. T x


  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    With your budget in mind I would go for the second option, the pub. It sounds lovely and you can make it pretty by decorating it. The other option is at the top end of your budget and that's before you've factored in wedding dress, shoes, suits, flowers and everything else. It all mounts up. I'm sure your guests will enjoy sharing your special day with you wherever you marry, I know I would. 

  • I think your second plan sounds lovely - I am getting married in a few weeks and this is exactly what we are doing - I can't wait & especially as we get to go on a fantastic holiday afterwards - happy planning with whatever you decide x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I actually like the sound of the second idea best! Especially if it means you can invite more people to celebrate with you. And if it means you can go on a honeymoon then all the better!

  • LittleOne89LittleOne89 Posts: 388 New bride

    I prefer the sound the of the second option. 

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    I think the its only one day is true but only to an extent, yes its one day but you will hopefully only have one wedding day and it'll be that day that you think back to and tell people about and have pictures of to show off, its about making the special memories too. I would focus on what you want out of your day, what the priorities are, spending time with family, having a party, marking the occasion, having spectacular pictures, having great food or having an amazing honeymoon or whatever and don't worry about other people's expectations. No matter what you do or what you choose you will not make everyone happy, nor should you try! We struggled to come to terms with what we were spending too, especially when our new house needs lots of work done on it,  but we ended up thinking well we can always earn more money but we cant redo the wedding day. I think both days sound lovely, but thought I'd give my perspective x

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I actually really like the sound if your second idea :) it sounds lovely and relaxed (and when me and H2B were coming up with ideas I started asking people what sort of thing they preferred in a wedding and most said they disliked anything too fancy/too confining and preferred the more laid back weddings they had attended)

  • We had a £30K budget that was split £23 on wedding and £7 on honeymoon.

    If we were to do it all again we would probably increase the honeymoon budget.  Our wedding 'weekend' in the country was amazing but our honeymoon was even better!  

    Hope this helps.  

  • TyTy Posts: 6

    Wow, thank you everyone so much for your thoughts! 

    We are going to go with the pub option. It will give me a lot more creative opportunity as well which I'm looking forward to! I'm worried about bridesmaids dresses..we have 5 bridesmaids and I don't know if proper bridesmaids dresses will be too much?

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