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I hate my wedding photos

So i have just seen some of the professional photos from my wedding gutted! I think I look awful in them! I have a weird smile and I look chubby, I am so gutted. I thought when I left I looked nice and now im really disappointed. I am not a photogenic person and knew I would hate my pics but everyone would say with a photographer I would be fine. Has anyone else felt this? 


  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Hi Missy, are these the sample photos from the photographer before you get your official ones?

    If so they are likely to be the ones that didnt make the cut because your eyes are closed or the angle is off, a lot of photographers send these through as they arent worth editing but no brides want something...dont be disheartened, as I am sure you actually look beautiful.

  • Lucy266Lucy266 Posts: 176

    I'm really sorry. It may be the full collection is better. I am sure there are loads of lovely photos of you but I know what it's like to hone in on your own minor imperfections! And some people are photogenic and others just aren't and it has little to do with how you actually look! 

    Try and see them as memories  of your big day first and foremost, and try not to think that you should look 'perfect' cos you're a bride- what's important is that you and your partner had a lovely day x

  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218 New bride

    When I first saw my phots I was also gutted. I was pulling stupid faces and had this stupid laugh thing going on that gave me squinty eyes. The more I've looked at them though, the more I've fallen in love with them. Yes I'm pulling a stupid face, but that face is of pure happiness. 

    Its so normal to see pictures of yourself and pick out all the imperfections and negatives. Keep looking through them and you'll soon see the real beauty in them and how happy you are xxx

  • This must be so disappointing 😕 But definitely wait until the full selection comes through! The sneak preview ones might be ones the PHOTOGRAPHER likes for composition reasons and they wont know your personal body hang ups and won't be looking for them! E.g. we just got our pics back and the photo book we get as a preview book had all the pics as thumbnail images but there were about 8 blown up as full size images- several were NOT ones I would have picked as 'the best'- I had serious fat ankles in one and a double chin in another- but actually when you look as a picture as a whole they were beautiful and noone else has looked at them and seen the ankles or the chin! We all zoom in on our imperfections and I bet they're actually lovely! 

    If you get the rest back and really are still disappointed then you could consider having a post wedding shoot?? Could re-wear your dress and find a photographer who you can explain things you do/don't like about the original pics so they can make sure you get some couples pics that you like for an album! Your original venue might be happy for you to go there and take pics one day if you explain the situation? 

    Im sure they will be lovely but at least this way you'll have an option xx

  • Missy6Missy6 Posts: 50

    Thank you for all your advice. I was very upset yesterday which I know sounds very childish but I just hoped I would finally have pictures that I thought I looked nice. It's probably just me not being very photogenic everyone else looks lovely. They did have sample written across them so hopefully there are nicer ones. 

  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218 New bride

    This will cheer you up. Here's one of mine. Hubby is putting my ring on and saying his vows, a nice romantic moment...  look at my face! 🙈😂


    I look like I wanna kill him lol. 


  • Lucy266Lucy266 Posts: 176

    My DH struggled with some of the wedding photos of him but I thought he looked absolutely lovely! He wanted to lose more weight before the wedding and even though he looked really handsome in the photos, we have decided to have another photoshoot in a year's time similar to ItalyBride's suggestion. 

    But again, we really are our own worst enemies as humans - and other people will look at those photos and think you look lovely! 

  • Emma624Emma624 Posts: 137

    I look at your photo Dora and I just see a beautiful bride, it looks natural xxx

  • Rosegold017Rosegold017 Posts: 476

    I didn't like mine at all the first time I saw them Missy! Take time out and go back to look at them again. As I did this I got used to seeing myself at different angles and pulling faces I'm not used to and I really warmed to them. Now I would probably say I love 80% of the album and the other 20% will keep tucked away.

    My main disappointment was that the photographer was dreadful at composition. He didn't take any of us in full length close up or any of the back of my dress, they are all waist up. Even the group shots he managed to cut out everyone's shoes but then had loads of sky above us. Has taken me a while to get past this, but he has captured the spirit of the day which is the main thing!

    Dora love your pic! I haven't been on here in a while I must read your report xx

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    Lol Dora3... You look like you're saying 'is that it?'

  • elsyelsy Posts: 533

    I got married in March and there are days that I still feel like I don't like my wedding photos. Admittedly, there are some that I love but there are some that I really don't. I agree with others in that we are our own worst enemies and I do sometimes think that as helpful as forums like this are, they also make us compare ourselves to others more. There have certainly been times that I have looked at other people's photos and wished that I had photos like theirs etc.

    I am sure you were a beautiful bride and have some lovely photos. Just keep looking at them and I'm sure you'll grow to love them.

  • AlisonMaryAlisonMary Posts: 210

    I can totally sympathise. We got our 400+ photos back last week, and I hate around 90% of them. 

    Either my arms look big (although in some they look super skinny!!) or I am smiling that much that I look like I have 3 chins and 2 necks and horse teeth. 

    I keep trying to tell myself that the reason I hate most of them is because I am so happy on them, but it doesn't make them any easier to look at. 

    Others can't seem to tell what my problem is, and I am sure it will be the same with yours. We see things that no one else can see. To others we probably look like stunningly happy brides!! 

    Focus on the good ones xxx

  • msbellamsbella Posts: 53

    If you really feel they are that bad, depending in how you feel about it, you could always get a few slightly retouched on a photo retouching site. Like you arms slightly skinnier, I know its a bit weird but if you feel like they were bad angles and needs slight adjusting its always an option for a few of them

    I have considered it if I had a massive pimple on the day or something like that, hopefully I am happy with the photographer but its hard knowing how they will end up

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Dora i totally agree with you.  Its easy to look and see negative stuff. 

    How you see yourself and how others see you are totally different.  



  • Rena_Rena_ Posts: 1 New bride

    Hi there! I'm from the Philippines and I also wanted to share something about my wedding.

    I am also experiencing post-wedding blues. Haha. For about a year now. We had our wedding August 19, 2017 at our house church. A really simple wedding. We only had a budget of $375.62. Prenup was so-so because my husband's cousins were the ones who did it. We just treated them food after. Our bridal shower was held at the church still 1 week before our wedding. It was organized by some of our church members. That $300 budget was only for the catering. That was all that's in my husband's pocket during that time. Some of our relatives just gave their money gift in advance. We did not want a church wedding because we wanted to plan a big church wedding in the future. We ought to have a civil wedding only. And, though I was okay with that because they've sponsored and they've requested for us to do it at church instead, then I couldn't just say no to them. We had no money but they provided. I would've hired a photographer for the wedding because I really want good wedding photos just like what I see in the web. But we still couldn't afford because we had to deal with other expenses first. I would like a photobooth but still, no budget for that. We asked again those who did the prenup to take pictures during the wedding. I cried a lot after I got the raw photos. At first we laughed at it because of the funny candid shots taken. But I was looking for something I can show-off and make as my profile picture in my social media accounts--just like everybody else. Theirs were really stunning. Beautiful. They had their dream wedding. I did not. It pains me till now. I know I am not the only one who is not that satisfied with their photos. But, I envied and started comparing mine to those of my friends'. But I guess God really did not want us to have that dream wedding, or grand wedding that we wanted. There's a reason. There's a purpose. I'm still trying to be positive even if I regret of not planning the wedding longer. He proposed March 2017, we got married August 2017. I wanted to move it on October but for some reason it wasn't. Still pushed thru with August. I did not have a good photo of me walking down the aisle, I did not have a solo photo with a stunning pose or what. My husband and I wasn't able to take a selfie/groufie together (just the two of us), we did not have a photo of us inside the bridal car. I was disappointed. With the photos. And now, I was trying to do some editing--making it black and white, putting some vignette etc. My husband and I fought about this a lot of times. He's okay with everything. He's contented. He didn't want a redo. But lately, we've been discussing about our plans or dreams in the future that we want to do and one is to have our wedding vow renewal maybe on our 5th year of marriage. We're planning to make it grand and invite those who were not invited. Hire a professional photographer and cinematogrpaher because we haven't had one during our prenup and wedding. Really, it was a simple wedding. But I am still happy now that I am married. We can no longer re-take the wedding, but maybe we can plan something big when we renew our vows. I'm teaching myself now to stop comparing my wedding with others because I tend to cry and get disappointed everyday of my life whenever I see a picture perfect wedding online. Still, I thank God for the blessings and for the people who provided for us for our wedding, who gave gifts and who were there and celebrated with us.

    Anyways, here's a photo from our wedding. Unedited. Funny. That's my mom there. And my husband. :p


  • Hi everyone! My husband and I also went through this when we got our pictures. I had a double chin or closed eyes in most of them - horrendous!! Luckily my other half is a retoucher and he was able to turn the very below average photos into amazing ones with a few clever tricks on his iMac. We’re thinking of starting a small business retouching wedding pics as it seems like a lot of people aren’t happy with theirs. We’re looking for our first clients so we can get started - would any of you be interested in us taking a look at your pictures? Even if you just wanted a couple of amazing ones to put up in your house etc. We’d offer a discounted rate for our first few clients. Let me know what you think!! Amanda X

  • Yes I am. Contact me [email protected]

  • anka.k.zawartkaanka.k.zawartka Posts: 1 New bride
    edited March 2019
    AmandaI think that is a great idea 
    My husband and I got married in Costa Rica and thoroughly interviewed our photographers and made our vision as clear as possible recieving the photos the akward blow ups and angles and just all the double chins and ridiculous close ups completely unnecessary!
    I don't have one bridal portrait not one! 
    I am so firmly heart broken that the family portraits and getting ready photos are just awful oddly angled And blown up!
    The photographers I wish should have communicated the importance of timing to our make up artist and hair dresser. They were all amazing people but at the end of day I'm stuck with these photos that just make me miserable and break my heart to look at. 
    I told the photographers my honest opinion how I will never get family portraits from my wedding that even though some natural candid photos are great that's not all that we wanted we wanted a romantic vintage feel and we didn't get that at all from our photos!
    It was a tiny group my next day beach photos trash the dress are less than subpar 
    The photographers had reasoning for everything but I explained I don't live in Costa Rica I don't know the daylight next time push to prevent another unhappy bride 
    Looking at the above photo what photographer would ever think that is remotely flattering ! 
  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    I think it was Thomas hardy that said something like the beauty of a face was in it's motion, which is true really. Shrek is more photogenic than I am!!! I absolutely hate photographs and i always look like there is an alien amongst normal looking people when I see pictures of me 🤣 my first wedding photos weren't that bad considering but they ended up in a box anyway, ,my best photos to date, apart from when in was a beautiful child 🤗... my passport photo! I know right, How odd but the booths are really well lit these days. We arent having anphotographer this time as they make me so nerbous, show me a camera and i am like 🤤😨😬. I am not on facebook but inam already dreading people posting any photos on line in case people wonder how Godzilla got permission to marry 😎
  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    Sorry about the predictive text type post too, I can spell and do grammar honest 😛
  • Your wedding photos look amazing darling have confidence, you go girl xx
  • @Amanda-19 any chance you'd be willing to share a few "before" and "after" pictures as examples of what can be done?  I think your business concept is brilliant.  There are loads of people that come away unhappy with their wedding pictures.
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