Hen do drama, advise needed

Gah! Why oh why could my hen do not go smoothly! Sorry this is a long post.

My MOH did an amazing job planning the hen, I’m so proud and impressed with her as were all invited. However, we played a game of Mr and Mrs (think that’s what it was) I had 25 questions to answer that H2B had already answered. Some were very cringe worthy, one in particular caused the drama. The question was “which parents do you both visit most often“ as soon as she read out the question I knew no matter what I would say I’ll yoset someone. I answered what I knew H2B would say and it was his parents. Well my mum got upset and went outside (it was the last question so many people didn’t realise) and my oldest sister went crazy! Like caged animal crazy! My other sisters shouted at me because mum was upset. on my way outside to find my mum my olsted sister was screaming at MOH calling her all the names under the Sun, luckily my niece was handling that situation. Found my mum and explained that it’s not that we don’t see her because we do, I see her every week! It’s just H2B doesn’t see her as often and when we see the outlaws we all have to go down not just pop over. 

Anyhoo mum calmed down, MOH was upset because she wanted to make everything perfect for me and it went tits up and oldest sister ran off saying she has to go or she’ll kill MOH, sigh, mum apologised to MOH and MOH said she never meant to offend anyone she just pulled the questions off the internet. My sister still crazy at this stage. We went onto the next place, my sister causing a big atmosphere there she decided to go out for a fag so I followed to tell her to wring her neck in, it’s nothing to do with her, MOH came out and apologised to sister and sister apoligised half assed. Still an atmosphere but not as bad, I decided not to drink anymore as I couldn’t trust my sister. Anyway night ended on a bit of a downer because of it all. MOH still f

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