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Wedding anxiety

Hi everyone

I need some advice/help please.

I have massive anxiety when it comes to talking in front of more than a few people, regardless of whether they are friends and family or strangers. I'm not talking about the normal wedding jitters either, my whole body shakes, I start sweating (attractive) and I'm on the verge of passing out. I usually have to sit on the floor when this happens but I think it'll probably be frowned upon when I'm walking down the aisle 

Can I ask - have any other brides been like this? And if you have what did you do to combat your nerves on your wedding day?





  • Hi, I'm not married yet , but my tactic will be to keep reminding myself when walking down the aisle, that all there will be supporting me.  And to focus only on my H2B when saying my vows as if just the two of us there (and the registrar of course!) :)


  • lauren318lauren318 Posts: 482

    Hello, i got married on Saturday and i was horrendous before the wedding. On the night before i had no sleep and on the morning i was so nervous but when i got to the church all the nerves disappeared.


    Good luck x

  • If you really think you will struggle I would go to the doctor to see if either they can suggest anything or give you a small prescription for anti anxiety meds to take either the night before or on the morning.

    Doctors often do this for people who are terrified of flying. My mum went and she received a prescription for a whole two anti anxiety tablets before she her took her driving test as her nerves were so bad. Obviously not all doctors are the same, but it may be worth enquiring about.

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    I have heard good things about rescue remedy, think its herbal?


  • I am a second time bride and first time it was so bad that i was throwing up the morning of the wedding. But as soon as I went down the aisle it was fine. 

    Bachs rescue remedy is good. I also had a nice glass of champagne

  • Wibs77Wibs77 Posts: 414

    I have been married before and had to swallow sick walking down the aisle last time. This time I am having hypnotherapy. It's really helped with a fee things on my life and isn't like the jokey thing you see on tv. 

  • Hi everyone

    Thank you for your advice, it's so nice to know that I am not the only one!

    I think I am going to get some anti anxiety medicine, even if it is just a placebo effect I need something. I'll have a look at the over the counter ones but if not I will see my doctor before hand.

    I'm, sure you're all right that when I'm there I'll be ok but the wedding is still 4 months off and I'm really anxious.


    Thanks again, Katrina xx

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