Problem bridesmaid/MOH

Hi all! 

I am having an issue with my MOH who is my sister in law. 

Im getting married in 4 months, my hen night is in 3 Months. She had taken it upon herself to organise the hen night, one of my other bridesmaids has now told me she actually hasn’t arranged anything and isnt replying to there messages about booking something. 

To add to my frustration, the bridesmaid dresses are in and need to be tried on within the month, I’ve sent messages to her directly and in the bridesmaid group chat, all of which have been read and no reply. A week on and shes still ghosting us all. My mum saw her at the weekend and said everything seemed ok? 

Im getting really frustrated and a little upset that she seems not to give a damn enough to even reply. 

Does anyone have ideas on how to handle this or had problems like this? 

I don’t want it to be confrontational or is to fall out but I’m rapidly running out of patience 

Thanks x 


  • BunnieBunnie Posts: 76 New bride

    Perhaps the best idea is to speak with your brother - he will give you an honest idea of whats going on and hopefully hand the phone over to her by the end of the conversations.

    You could ask you brother directly if you're sister in law is having second thoughts about being your moh - it may just plant the seed that you are unhappy and she is behaving weirdly without you having to tell her directly

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