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Wedding day nerves!!


Im getting married in April and I already feel so nervous about the ceremony and standing up in front of everyone to say my vows! 

I get so nervous speaking in front of crowds as it is, I don't want to be standing there shaking like a leaf on the day!

Has anyone got any advice/tips on how to stay calm please? 

Worried im gonna stress so much before hand and end up running myself down and getting ill or something on the day 🙈


Thanks x 


  • I think it's like anything else, the more you think about it, the more it will make you anxious. I hate to have blood drawn, and if I know I have such an appointment coming up, I can really get myself worked up about it. I'm better off not thinking about it.

    As far as being nervous on the day of, I'd ask myself what you're nervous about. Everyone in the room is there because they love you and support you as a couple. They are there to witness the outward expression of your love and commitment. No one is there to judge, make fun, or criticise - so what is there to be nervous about? In my experience, and from what I've read on here from others, you can practically feel the love radiating in the room around you, and there's nothing to be worried about.

    I think most ladies end up locking eyes with their OH and either welling up or smiling as broad as the moon and don't give another two thoughts to who else is in the room. I would try to relax and not think about it. There are other things to worry about, like the best man giving a tacky speech or your OH's divorced parents giving each other the look of death all night 

  • Hey, Thanks so much for your response! 

    Yes, I know your right, i'm hoping that all the nerves will just disappear on the day as i will be caught up in it all! & the atmosphere will be so lovely. 

    I think it's more at the moment because i've hit a quiet point where there isn't too much to do until after Christmas where i need to start buying and making the last bits, table plan etc so hopefully i won't have time to feel nervous and like you say, will have so many other things to think about lol!!! 


    Thanks so much again, really appreciate it :) xx

  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    I was similar a few months ago, just all of a sudden hit me straight in the face, I couldn't believe how nervous I had become.... but it subsided, I get married next Saturday (9th) and I've had a few days this past week feeling a bit emotional, I'm hoping on the day itself, all will be fine, I'm sure with the amount that goes on in the morning / run up on the day you'll probably be completely fine.  My nerves are at the curtain being opened ready for me to walk down the aisle.  Just typing this out gives my heart flutters :)

    I have a lot of people who will be dealing with the running / styling of everything which gives me peace of mind etc. 

    Just breathe and smile :)

  • I got married 2 months ago and I was terrified of walking down the aisle with everyone staring at me however once you are there you just sort of just take it all in. I took a few moments before I walked down the aisle and just said to myself “everyone is here because they love you” and it’s true. It will honestly go by so quickly so it’s ok to be nervous but just don’t let your nerves take away from your enjoyment. I did feel so much more relaxed after the service though but you will be fine. Just enjoy your day xx

  • KT80KT80 Posts: 110

    Know what - don't worry about it. I thought I would feel nervous & I was calm as anything! I was so excited & happy when I walked in that room I didn't feel any nerves at all. I can't explain it but you'll be so wrapped up in the day you probably won't notice anyone else at that point!

  • Thank you girls for your lovely replies!

    It's really helpful to hear everyone's views and experiences and glad i'm not the only one feeling like this! 

    I'm really hoping the excitement will just take over my nerves :) 

    Thanks so much again and Kelly, have the best time on your wedding day next Sat!! Congratulations! :) xx

  • have to agree i was like you all year.

    All i can say is you will feel really nervous then excited then both. On the day i felt incredibly nervous but as soon as i got to the church i was fine, to the point of feeling great. It will all work out honestly x

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