Wedding venue woes

Hi guys,

As the venue have been so accommodating I want to remove the post! 

Thanks again for the help!! 



  • That’s a tricky one. I would approach the venue and politely enquire about what their objections are specifically. For example, could you pay a small clean up fee for the confetti cannon or be a set distance away from any buildings when using sparklers? Although it could be through mishaps from previous weddings, they may simply not allow those things any longer. 

    Is it in the catering T&Cs that they have to provide the wedding cake...? If so, maybe you could order one elsewhere and say if was bought as a gift from a family member. 

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    I think the issue is that just because they have photos on their website of certain things doesn't mean that those things are necessarily doable/available. Perfect example is that at my venue when we viewed they had a lovely metal swing in the grounds that would have been great for photos but on the day of our wedding it had gone as they were restoring it. I suspect they won't allow the gin as it means losing revenue at the bar. Our venue wouldn't allow alcoholic favours for the same reason.

    I know you're disappointed but I think you need to focus on the positives rather than what you can't have. 

    I do think the cake price is ridiculous though so I would look elsewhere if you are able to.

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    I would try and negotiate with them, I don't think you will probably get everything you want so work out what is most important.

    Could you ask them to quote for the gins and ask the caterers why the price of the cake is so expensive they may come down on the price?


    I would ask for their reasoning behind not allowing sparklers and the confetti cannons and then offer solutions.


    I book venues daily and can't stand the 'No' answers, they should always be offering a solution or offering something else to please the customer.  

    I'd probably meet with them too, it's harder for them to say no in person and then you can follow up with an email to get it all in writing.

  • Did you discuss any of these ideas when you first visited the venue or when you booked it?  If yes, what did they say?   If you did mention things like the confetti cannon and weren't told you couldn't do them, that along with the photos (which could arguably be called false advertising) give you good grounds to either force them to let you do the stuff you want, or to cancel the booking and get your deposit back.  If none of it was discussed at the outset I don't think you'll get anywhere though.

    Is there anything on the paperwork/contract you got when you confirmed the booking/paid the deposit?  Again, if not, you may have a good case..... but if there is stuff in the contract/agreement or T&Cs for the venue that you just didn't notice, you haven't got a leg to stand on.

    I think the cake/cheese tower thing with the caterer is absolutely disgusting though - and one of the big reasons I hate venues that insisted on people using their 'preferred suppliers' - licence to rip people off.  It is very unusual for couple NOT to get their cake from another source though; have you double checked that the caterer's T&Cs/contract specify that you must get your cake from them?




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    Hi,  Our cheesecake comes out similar price wise (£650) through the venue, which is insane. However its massive and the price includes it being served plated, with a selection of breads and crackers, hams, chutneys and grapes. Still extortionate but might be worth asking if your cake includes any extras x 

  • Thanks all for your kind replies...I've calmed down a little now about the whole thing but it's amazing that so many of you busy brides took the time out of your days to reassure me and offer advice!

    The good news is, after talking to the venue and caterers I've been able to work around a couple of the important things to me!

    Similarly to your advise Mrs G2B the lady at the venue did just say to talk and communicate if anything arises, which I probably should have done before letting myself assume the worst and get all upset about - I think it's good advise to follow!! 

    If you feel like your not getting what you want please don’t give up, work arounds do exist! 

    Thanks again for all your help! 


  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    Oh glad you’ve got somewhere that’s great to hear :) 

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