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Well my wedding is now 3 months to go and still nothing has been organised for the hen.  People are asking me what's happening and I am clueless.  My bridesmaid keeps asking MOH about it and she keeps saying 'I must get round to it'... Bridesmaid has offered to help but is yet to have her offer taken up.

Getting a bit frustrated now as there is work, children etc to sort out.


  • I would ask your MOH directly if she has planned something - and if not, tell her you will plan it yourself. Honestly, with this little time to go (and as you say, people have loads of other commitments to work around), the plan needs to be put together now or never. Lots and lots of brides plan their own hen. It obviously loses the element of surprise, but at least you know you are going to have one and it will be exactly how you'd want it...

  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    I decided to plan my own, one because I knew what I wanted and two because I only have my daughter (she's 21) as my bridal party so didn't want to have her do it all. 

    Definitely message the MOH and see what's what.

  • I'm in the exact same boat BB. I said originally that I wanted to organise my own as I had my doubts as to whether anything would happen, but my MoH and BM were both adamant I wasn't allowed to do my own. And now here we are, just over 3 months to go and there is NOTHING organised.

    I wasn't all that fussed on having a hen to begin with, and again was told I "needed" to have one so now nothing's happening I'm disappointed. 

    I'm having a "home" hen with my family down south so I'm just going to organise that and forget about my hen up here cause honestly it's like they CBA.

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    In October she asked me for a list of people that I wanted to come.... And I was rather shocked when I spoke to the other bridesmaid that no one has actually been contacted on the list, not even if it was just a "I've had an idea" or "thinking of doing this - who wants to come?"

    Its a tough one because her husband is the best man and my fiancé says the MOH has been looking into things.

    Im just confused.   I've asked her questions about wedding, dresses, accessories and all I get is 'that's nice'.

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    I was lucky, my MOH did a fantastic job organising my hen. But I did decided where and when.

    I think you need to be get blunt with you right MOH and ask her straight out if she has organised anything. If she says yes, tell her you want the date, time and venue. If she hasn't got those details I would suggest organising your own hen or even asking your other bridesmaid to help. 

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    Thank you, i know you're right.  She always seems to be doing other things.

  • did you manage to get something sorted? Gutted to hear they were being so slow!

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    Well the one i organised is tomorrow night... Bridesmaid has arranged something for just me and her next Saturday and then MOH tried to arranged something the same day, which then caused a bit of a do between them both.... However, it has now been arranged that I have another event happening the Saturday after ( a week before the wedding ).

    So have got lots on! 😬😃

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