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Been let down

So i'm supposed to be going dress shopping tomorrow with my MOH (Sister) and my Chief Bridesmaid (Best friend) Just checked in on facebook and messages from both, my sister said she is not sure she will be able to come tomorrow and my friends just messaged that she can't come as she has not got the bus fair? And its to cold to take her baby out.


Was so looking forward to going with my girls but now it looks like its just my Mum and Nana who will be able to come. 




  • Try not to get too upset about it... 

    Look at it in a different light...nice special day with mum and nan ? 

    I was the same and it ended up with just me and mum buy I found the dress that day and I now always have that special moment of just me and mum 

    Enjoy the day ! I bet you have a great one xx

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    You will still get that feeling regardless of them being there... I would have loved for my nan to be there but sadly that was taken away from us.

    Just see it as a 'big reveal' when they finally do see you all dressed up.

  • Lucy266Lucy266 Posts: 176

    Can you rearrange? It's so cold out there I feel sympathy with your friend. Tricky to get around with a baby in this weather.

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