Bridesmaid drama

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ended up feeling like they need to reconsider friendships during their wedding planning?

I'm dealing with one particularly difficult BM, which I hadn't envisioned being an issue :(


  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    Definitely... I have been completely cut off by an old friend since getting engaged and asking her to be BM. Some people seem to take badly to weddings for some reason. You'll never gain anything by wasting brain space thinking about it too much IMO.... If things are that bad can you ask her to step down?  It's your day and you should enjoy it, and the planning. If someone is raining on your parade they're perhaps not as good a friend as you thought they were. It seems to be a surprisingly and disappointingly common theme so you're not alone x 

  • GeoBeanaGeoBeana Posts: 12

    Oh that’s not great at all!  I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer speaking with your friend.  I’ve just seen a whole different side to my BM since looking for dresses, she’s so concerned about how she’s going to look on the day, doesn’t really seem to respect the dress I’d like her to wear, I’ve been accommodating around getting a minor detail altered for her but she just keeps suggesing (IMO) awful alternatives.  I’m also paying for the dress so it’s not like she’s out of pocket.  My MOH is totally thinking the same as me but the whole experience has really made me feel let down by my other friend.  I don’t think I‘m at the point at which I’ll ask her to step down but maybe if things continue!! 

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