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When did you know?

Just out of interest - when did you know your fiancé(e) was the one you wanted to marry?

I got pregnant 6 months into our relationship with was obviously a huge surprise and my first reaction was blind panic. His first reaction was excitement to start a family with me. He was nothing but positive and supportive and I just thought "yeah, I want to marry this guy ". Up until that point we'd agreed to move in together and I think we both knew marriage could be a possibility if we were together long enough but never a concrete "I am going to marry them" until the pregnancy.

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing fiance/father to my son.


  • I knew mine was the one to marry when he:

    A) Supported my decision to start a degree rather than feel threatened by it

    B) Didn't mind that I worked in a male dominant environment or that I had lots of guy friends 

    C) Taught me how to ride a bike 😂

    D) Encouraged me to seek new experiences and explore the world a little more 

    E) Accepted my family for who they are (they're bat shit crazy!) 

    F) Accepted me for who I am and my baggage

    G) Looked after me when I became very poorly and malnourished due to undiagnosed autoimmune condition 

    I could go on with lots of times I realised he was the guy I want to marry but I won't bore you 😂 I was in a long term bad relationship which ended a year before I met him. I had quite a traumatic experience in that relationship which I will carry around with me for the rest of my life but he's accepting of that where other guys haven't. He's the love of my life. 😍

  • KelllieKelllie Posts: 78 New bride

    i knew my guy was the one very early into the relationship, a few weeks tops. We got together in March, by May he had met my son and accepted him unconditionally and by the end of July we had moved in together. Very fast and furious but 2 years later we are still strong as ever and getting married on Saturday.

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  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    When I met him I finally felt like one of the lucky people. Before that it was like always being on the outside looking in. He makes me feel like it is ok to be me, and is great at all the things that I'm bad at!  I'm not sure if there was one specific point that made me realise he was the one, there have been so many. Looking forward to growing old with him 😊

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 360 New bride

    Sounds soppy but I knew from pretty much as soon as I saw him. Its hard to explain. We met at secondary school when we were about 15 and we became friends and I just knew it was going to be more than just friends or a teenage romance. I knew we'd end up together for the long haul. I knew very, very early on he would be the one I would settle down with but we didn't really plan marriage until after we lived together for about 5/6 years at the time. I was quite ill for a while as was my dad and we had money problems so being common law man and wife was fine for us for years since other things took priority. As long as we had each other, that was all that mattered. Known him for 10 years now and we got married last year on our 8th anniversary of being together

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    Aww I am loving this thread! So many lovely stories! 

    About a month into us dating I was bedridden with horrific vomiting and diarrhoea. He phoned me up, just to see how I was (this in itself was alien to me as no ex boyfriend had ever done this!) and he went "awww, I mean... is it coming out of both ends...?" I was mortified and told myself that if this one sticks around he's a keeper! And he did! 

    H2B said he first knew when he first saw me change the bedding and saw me go inside the duvet cover (I find this the easiest way of changing it 😂) 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I knew within a few minutes of making eye contact, as fake as that sounds.

    We were introduced very briefly, and I was shocked because he wasn’t what I expected at all (I expected to hate him), I thought he was gorgeous. I didn’t even speak to him, just smiled.  But I felt really dazed and weird, and then a few minutes later I saw him walking to his car, and I watched him and I knew that he was meant for me.

    I was so sure of this feeling that I was quite shocked when I heard he had a girlfriend, but they broke up a few days later and we got in contact and arranged a date.

    Theres never been any doubt that we weren’t supposed to be. On one of our first dates we talked about what we wanted out of life, and from then on he would talk about marriage all the time. It took us almost 10 years to get round to it, so I did sometimes doubt that we would ever prioritise a wedding, but I always knew that it would be him.

  • A few years before we got together I joked that we should get married and he called me “wifey” since. Even his mum called me his wifey. 

    We met in 2001/2002 and got together eventually in 2012. his sister is my ex boss and close friend. 

    And in 19 days I get to be his wifey for real.

  • Desert-brideDesert-bride Posts: 226 New bride

    We met at university, although I never fully cover “the story” in my planning thread. I would say I’m not an emotional person and I don’t do soppy! Certainly not into romance. 

    We met briefly in the corridor in our halls, said hi and then went on our way. I was enjoying single, uni life and all that went with that. We saw each other drunk and did the typically drunk student thing, for about 4 months or so. Then I got invited to his room to watch Father Ted, IT crowd and Black Books. We actually chatted, at the time neither of us would say that we knew we wanted to marry. Infact being 18/19 marriage couldn’t have been further from my mind. 

    We stayed together during university and then in his final year I think we must’ve realised it was “super serious”. When my nan passed away in 2012, I looked at this person who was next to my mum, giving her a hug as she cried, and I knew at that moment that he was the human for me. The one that not only I could rely on but my family too. 

    I realise this sounds lame compared to just knowing. But in that moment of heartbreak and sadness, I knew that he was my person! 

  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride

    I read a quote once that sums it up, goes something like “intimacy is being rather weird with someone and they’re ok with it.” 

    Compared to some stories on here I feel like we’ve moved quite quick (getting into a relationship, moving in, getting engaged) but we just met each other when we were both in the same place and wanted the same things.

  • KatharynKatharyn Posts: 17

    This may seem unrealistic, but it's love at first sight for me. I met him in my office building during lunch. I had loads of tasks to finish that day and I didn't really want to eat. But my family and my doctor had advised me to quit skipping lunch at work because it was threatening my health. I was forced to go to lunch every day.

    I was pretty upset that day because I had to stop my work and eat even though I didn't feel like it. What I really wanted was to finish my work and be done with it as soon as possible. The cafeteria was full and I was thinking of eating while standing. Then I saw him. He was alone at his table and working while eating. As soon as I saw him, I was able to picture him as my life partner and the father of my future children. This would seem both corny and creepy in ordinary circumstances, but that man is the man I'm married to now. :)

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