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Hey there just wanted to share something that Ive been experiencing lately. I got engaged about nine months ago and we will be married in about 8 weeks. I have been going through a rough stage with my family about my wedding and fiance. For one my father and my fiance dislike each other due to a fallout they had a few months ago. After the whole thing my dad just turned very negative towards our marriage and believes we wont 'last long'. My fiance respects him and all but he constantly complains about what a bad father he is and how he never shows any support for our marriage. I agree with him ofcourse because it is true they have always put me in the non important category. My dad tries to compete with him as crazy as that sounds and I honestly believe he sees him as a threat. I honestly dont know why, hes always showed so much respect and been helpful. Then things just went downhill and it affected our relationship so much. I told my fiance that I didnt want him to let this affect our relationship and he agreed. But then after a few months it just made things worse. We argued all the time constantly over family. I have never disrespected his family. They live in a different country, so we only had contact through phones. But he does this one thing I hate where whenever we fight he compares me to my parents. Its so upsetting that his built this much hatred towards them. My dad pretty much kicked him out when they had their big fight. It was so bad, and he was shocked at what it had lead to. He couldnt  under stand why he did such a thing, for months he yelled and screamed at me whenever i told him to mend things. It was so hurtful being in the middle of my dad and my fiance. Now things are okay i guess. But then theres my parents lack of care and support, its more my dad Id say...

He never asks me or shows any enthusiasm about the wedding. My fiance is working long hours at work, he saved up money to bring his mum, dad and grandmother here. Im so proud of him because he did it all on his own. Nobody helped him. There was also the money for the visa application fees, and again he payed all of it. My dad belittled him before saying that he couldn't do it all. But my fiance proved him wrong. Im so proud of all his hard work and appreciate what a hardworking fiance i have.  

Lately, my fiance and I have been having problems. I dont know if anyone has ever experienced this right before their wedding but to me it sounds wrong. Eve

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