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Future sister in law wants her grandaughter as my bridesmaid

This could be along rant , to cut along story short I lost my dad 2 years ago and my immediate  family are no longer speaking. We are having only 25 people  to my wedding. My cousin  is my bridesmaid and her daughter a flower girl.  It's a registry  office wedding.

H2b sister has asked if her grandaughter will  be bridesmaid , I've never met her grand daughter.

I only want my cousin  and her daughter  to be there helping me and supporting  me. It will be hard enough  not having my beloved dad.

Not having my husbands great neice there will cause problems  within the family.I've said no 

Having her as a bridesmaid will mean extra expenses  which we are on a tight budget.

It's causing  problems  within the family. I feel H2b sister had no right to ask


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