What are you bridezilla about?

Inspired by Sadies post - is there anything that you feel you're bridezilla about??

I think in general i have a lot of specific ideas but I'm happy to let people whether they're in the wedding party or not to do their own thing and my getting excited doesn't negatively impact anyone.

But I imagine it's pretty bridezilla of me to want to drag the on-the-day coordinator around the whole venue with a notebook making very specific notes a couple weeks in advance...

And I'm so obsessed with details that I'm still considering hiring out of budget copper cutlery!


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    I think I only had 1 brideszilla moment during my wedding planning and that was more to do with my house than wedding. We thought it would be a great idea to renovate our house at the same time as planning a wedding. We moved back in to our almost finished house 2 days before the wedding. 1 day before the wedding they came to lay the kitchen floor and we were doing the flowers so I could see what they were doing. It was a brother and sister team and no joke they moved a glacial pace. He would lay the tiles and all she seemed to do was pass him them and make tea......

    When she told me at 3pm that it was looking like a 2 day job to get it finished I lost it and told them in no uncertain terms that we were getting married the next day and that it WAS NOT a 2 day job. They quoted 1 day and we were paying 1 days labour and if she did more than just make tea they might be closer to finishing.....they stayed and finished the job.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Having suffered through being the bridesmaid of a bridezilla (no longer friends), I was completely laid back.

    Bridezilla behaviour is completely unacceptable but I think it’s often made out to be a bit of fun or something brides are entitled to indulge in. I don’t think anything gives anyone the right to start behaving like a narcissist.

    Obviously planning a wedding requires a certain amount of, well, planning, but when you start making silly demands and throwing strops and acting entitled then that’s just ridiculous.

    My mum was the mother-of-the-bride-zilla, and honestly, she made me want to not speak to her for a long time during and after the planning and the wedding.

  • I don't think I'm a Bridezilla, if anything I've been told I'm super relaxed about everything; but I think I get a bit Bridezillary when suppliers don't reply to me within an appropriate amount of time (a week or 2).

    The moment that comes to mind is me trying to contact my florist. Basically I have to use a particular florist as I got a package deal with my venue with flowers, cake, DJ and catering included. My venue contacted all my suppliers when I secured my booking and they all (a part from my florist) sent a confirmation email to me within a 2 week time period after booking my venue. About a month after booking my florist they finally sent me a confirmation at about 9pm, I replied early the next morning as I wanted to know the cost for any extras I may want and I got an email saying she was on holiday for two weeks and would handle my email when she got back. I thought ok no worries but it's been 2-3 weeks since she's come back from holiday and I've heard nothing.....

    To make the situation even more hilarious they followed me on instagram a few days ago XD I did send them another email after seeing that their instagram is active so hopefully I'll get a response soon. I'm giving it a week or two before I'm just going to call and ask for upgrade prices. I'm not overly impressed with their communication and I found it frustrating that she sent an email and then went on holiday, obviously I'm not annoyed that she went on holiday but honestly I'd rather if she just sent everything to me once she was back :/ Maybe I'm being a bit ridiculous and unreasonable I don't know but I just find it mildly frustrating.  

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    I wasn't bridezilla per say, but very particular about the venue set up as I'd poured my soul into it for the months before. 

    I was gutted when I found out my brother left the fruit I'd cut up at 3am the morning of the wedding when I realised the cake knife was still in the car (with the fruit).

    He also forgot the book with the reading in...recurring theme!

  • I don't think I'm bridezilla about anything... yet!

    Although my sister has the potential to tip me over the edge. I'm a bit of a control freak anyway, and this is mine and my fiancé's day, and we want it done our way. Not her way.

    She's already made a fuss about the fact that another wedding the day before means we can't have the on site accommodation for the night before AND the night after the wedding, and it's going to be some massive drama to have her children stay in 2 different places in 2 nights. I mean, they're going to be 9 and 11 when we get married, and they're very adaptable. It is totally NOT a drama, particularly as I'm sorting all the rooms out for immediate family, and I just hope she doesn't try and make it one.

    She also offered custom made road signs - like, full Highways Agency font and everything - the other day, despite the fact that our church and reception venue are about 50m apart, and there's already lots of signage because it's at Hatfield House where the main house and gardens are a tourist attraction already.

    So fingers crossed for no Bridezilla-ing in the next 9 months!

  • So far I'm pretty chilled out.

    The one thing I'm not accepting input on though is the cake. I make wedding cakes myself and have very particular ideas on what I want. FH loves Star Wars so we've incorporated it in many ways he keeps trying to get it into the cake, and I have to refuse!!


  • As someone with anxiety, I can imagine myself getting a bit bridezilla when my partner proposes :/ I have a really specific idea about what I want my wedding to be like, and I think it'll be hard to be told I can't have a dream flower display/dress etc etc because of budget (even though it's the sensible option). Also, not that this would be particularly unreasonable of me, but if my warring family members cause a scene on the day I will FLIP OUT!

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    The only thing I have gotten picky over was tablecloths. In our venues pictures almost all had tablecloths that barely hung over the edge of the table. I insisted on longer ones and got a bit obsessed over it haha 

    The only other thing I can think of was tagging the groomsmen in an fb status basically telling them to get their shit together and make appointments to be fitted for their suits because they still hadn't and the store was getting concerned over time frames. They had ignored messages from me or had excuses when I rang them so decided public scolding was the next step haha it worked though, suddenly all the guys had appointments booked within a couple days lol

  • I didn't have a moment myself, we had a small laid back day, but thought I'd share a groomzilla moment. It was after the ceremony and the posed group photos were taking place. One of them was missing a young nephew as he was having a much needed nap and the groom threw a compete wobbly! Like seriously was swearing and giving off like nobody's business! He apologised for it later but it was bad, and over something so small. My youngest nephew was missing for most of our photos as he was asleep, and I didn't bat an eyelid.

  • I don't think I'd exactly call it bridezilla, but for my previous, I was very upset when a supplier (actually several suppliers) didn't deliver as promised. Weddings are super expensive, and honestly, I think a lot of what brides pay for and put into their wedding day is unoriginal or unnecessary (just my OH). The few things we really, really did want to have, and paid rather large sums of money for, clearly were important to us, and for them to fail to deliver, was beyond disappointing.

    Just an example, I really hate white roses (for several reasons). I met with the florist twice and the second time, actually provided her a typed up list of flowers I wanted and flowers I really don't like, along with colour photos of designs I liked. I spent about £3000 on flowers because I love them and the venue was very masculine. What do you suppose every single bouquet, buttonhole, table arrangement, and cake decorations was made from??  White roses, of course. I did have a little cry when the flowers arrived and did ring the shop, only to get her assistant, who listened and basically told me too bad, so sad. This was one item that was important to me and the only item we went over budget on, so I don't know if it's fair to call disappointment being a bridezilla :(


  • I would class a bridezilla as someone who was being massively unreasonable. 

    However, there are so many examples on this forum alone of women and men who been let down by people they have either paid a lot of money to for services or who have been let down and are then branded a bridezilla, which really isn't fair.

  • All the vendors and wedding guests were lovely and my only bridezilla moment was with my ceremony venue coordinator. The venue had been booked about a year before the wedding. Had done the tour and asked a bunch of questions before deciding on the venue. Everything seemed fine... then, about 1 month from the wedding, the venue coordinator emails to settle some admin matters and said that confetti can't be thrown on the doorsteps of the venue as it "would be considered litter" where the council was concerned, and said if I wanted a confetti shower it can be done indoors but it'd have to biodegradable confetti. 

    I'm all for biodegradable, but this came from nowhere! At no point prior to this had she ever mentioned any restrictions surrounding confetti. So of course I went and bought the confetti I liked and it did not happen to be biodegradable.

    I asked if "littering" was the issue, if it wasn't possible to just have a staff member to sweep up the confetti afterwards at the doorsteps, but got turned down flatly. (Honestly, how hard can that be? It was all pavement. Heck, I could've taken a broom and done it myself.)

    I was really upset that she just threw this up so close to the wedding. I knew for certain she'd never mentioned it as I'd read through every line in the venue contract before signing and was careful going through all emails. This was precisely the sort of surprise I wanted to avoid! When I challenged her about the restrictions, she got all haughty, saying it was definitely communicated previously... but when I asked her for proof of this, she couldn't provide anything to back up her point. *eye roll* This was the part that really put her in my bad books. Why the attitude when she was the one who made a mistake?!

    In the end, I just told her to forget it. We weren't going to get new confetti in order to work around strange restrictions she'd thrown up at the last minute. With just a few weeks left to the wedding, there was so much else to deal with and I did NOT need attitude from haughty vendors who couldn't even admit their own mistake.

    Actually, I didn't "forget it" as I'd told her. I'd left the venue a 3-star review after the wedding and explained clearly why they deserved such a rating. A venue/vendor that doesn't allow confetti throwing and dishes out bad attitude should not be allowed on the wedding circuit, no matter how beautiful the venue is. 

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