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Do other people worry about looking awful on their wedding day?

I know it seems really silly... And maybe it is entirely down to feeling stressed as the wedding day is only around 3 months away. But at this point I've no clue how to have my hair or make up done, I've not seen my dress since purchasing it 6 months ago and I am feeling very concerned that I am going to look ugly on the day. 

Society's pressures don't help with brides having to be the most beautiful or look their best on their wedding day.... Am I just being over the top - or do other people feel this way too? 


  • I understand - i feel thi way too but i do have pretty low self esteem generally. Im trying to do things that make me feel better about myself to help with it, like i know i like how i look when my hair is curly instead of straight, so ill do something along those lines, and i know i think i look better with more focus on eyes than lips. 

    I wish there was an easy solution, and i know you may not feel like it, but you will look beautiful. I think this quote is appropriate: 

    Image result for roald dahl sunshine out your face

    You will be happy, and that will radiate through, all anyone will notice is how happy you look, and thats what makes a person beautiful <3 

  • Yes! My wedding is in 11 days and I am totally feeling this way :( so much pressure to look at your most beautiful, with all eyes on the bride. I have epicly failed to lose any weight so my dress is tight, and I am so worried that I am going to be super disappointed when I look back at the photos afterwards :( x

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    Unfortunately, there is so much pressure on brides to look totally ”perfect” and it’s really difficult to get away from that sometimes. I’m sure you will look absolutely amazing, partly because you’ll be so beautifully happy! However, why not do the little things to look after yourself and boost your confidence to help you feel amazing on the day? Things like drink lots of water, try and eat healthily, take your make up off before bed (I was awful at this and generally looking after my skin!) regular exercise etc. That way you’ll be feeling totally amazing in yourself as well as looking gorgeous! 

  • Yep, the pressure is there for everyone. And it's only gotten worse with social media.  The first time I got married years and years ago, I had no idea I was supposed to look so perfect and have sooo many pictures taken (not to mention all of the things I was "supposed" to buy, from matchypoo BM robes to baskets of goodies for loo to kitchy signage - who knew??)

    Do yourself a favour and do something proactive about it; at 3 months, you should def have hair and makeup sorted. Getting something sorted will help you feel better. Check out Pinterest or search online for makeup and hairstyles that would work for you and get a pro booked, unless you plan to DIY.  If you plan to DIY, now's the time to start watching YouTube videos, buy some products, and start practicing.  You'll at least start to feel more in control of your look.  Giving yourself a sense of control is half the battle.

    As for the rest, let me assure you that a good photographer will make you look amazing.  Another thing that was lacking years ago was good photo editing!  We all had hair that looked dark and blended into the background and red, shiny faces. Those days are gone, thank God. It's hard not to look amazing now!

    And as someone already said, just be your happy, excited self. All brides look radiant on their wedding days.  They are so in love and over the moon it's impossible not to

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 942 New bride

    KittyFiennes, you made me laugh with your comment about what we're 'supposed' to do! Before joining this forum, I had no idea of half the things everyone else does like BM robes! Alas for my ladies I won't be providing matching robes, so they'll just have to bring their own clothes.

    I agree that you should have some sort of plan of action. I chose to hire a make-up artist and hair-stylist so that it was entirely up to them to make me beautiful :). Another option is to go to a department store and get a free make-up trial. Take a friend to watch. If you can, buy the recommended products and then go home and replicate the look. the YouTube videos are also a good idea. Certainly, spend time practising - don't assume you'll just be able to do it on the day because you'll be full of excitement and nerves!

    Most importantly, make sure it is a look YOU are happy with, and not the look that fashion dictates. Don't wear your hair and make-up so different to normal that it doesn't feel like YOU.

  • Thank you for all the responses! I have everything booked for hair and makeup etc. Just no idea what I want as I am not one of these people who knows what looks best on myself haha!!! :) 


    It is reassuring to know I am not alone and that I am not just overreacting to this! And totally accept all that your saying... it's the joy on people's faces in their photos that really shines through - more so than a choice of lipstick shade or the style of their hair. :) xx

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 942 New bride

    Before I had my trial I went through her website and selected styles I liked. She then tried out several things before I made a decision. You'll have plenty of time at the trial to try a couple of styles.

  • I'm terrified of this 

  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 17 New bride
    Same. Hate having my photo taken, hate social media, not all that confident about how I look. The pressure is real. Last time I was a bridesmaid it took me ages to even look at the photos. 

    I am planning on booking stupidly expensive make up artist and hairdresser. Wish i could just be happy with myself as i am :neutral:
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