Why don’t they tell you that planning a wedding is so stressful!!

Ok so this is basically just a rant and a plead for any tips on how to keep your sanity whilst wedding planning!
i feel like I’ve had every wedding shaped challenge thrown at me over these last few months and that our wedding is running away with itself! We initially wanted a fairly small wedding abroad but abandoned that idea after not being able to settle on a destination and me feeling guilty about expecting family to have to fork out to come to our wedding. So we booked our wedding in a gorgeous venue in the uk which we love and can’t wait for the two of us to be married there! But at the min I just feel like everything is a hurdle...the obvious one being how much everything costs, an over possessive MIL trying to join us on the honeymoon (yes really), an ex getting in touch after many years begging me not to get married (wth this is not eastenders and I will not be ditching my amazing fiancé for you  🤔) and now people are dropping out of my hen party like flies after agreeing months ago, meaning that I’m going to have to shuffle my plans so that other guests don’t have to pay more. I can’t wait to be married to my best friend and for the two of us to fly off to our honeymoon together but at the moment I feel like I’m just waiting for the next weird and wonderful hurdle to wipe me out! 

What kind of things do you lovely bride to be’s do to keep you calm whilst trying to plan one of the biggest days of your life? 
I’ve got a dress to fit into otherwise alcohol and chocolate would be looking really appealing right now 😭



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    I don't have much advice but I sympathise! Weddings seem to bring the crazy out in people!
  • Thanks mrs c to be, I’ve been feeling absolutely ill with stress (ridiculous I know in the grand scheme of life) this weekend and that I have totally fallen out of love with wedding planning. I feel like us brides have to put up with the potential ‘bridezilla’ tag..my theory is it’s actually ‘guest-zilla’ that comes out in other people!! I’ve been trying to focus on my hen party but at the moment I feel like it’s just becoming something that other people want. 
    How can I put the brakes on other people’s input without peeing them off :( x
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    Information diet - don't tell people things, then you won't get unwanted opinions!
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