I can't be the only one, can I?

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  • You are most certainly not the only one..in fact I’m having a similar rant myself about how I feel so let down by friends! 
    i would say book the date that’s right for you and your fiancé and everyone else who wants to be there will make sure that they are. Has your friend got any idea that you’re thinking of asking her to be a bridesmaid? X
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  • Hey! 

    Sorry to hear about this. Maybe the reason she's distancing herself via text is because she feels conflicted about potentially choosing between the two weddings? Not that that's a great excuse not to reply to someone, mind.

    Maybe next time you talk to her about it mention that actually, the date is kinda important because you were hoping she'd be a bridesmaid/MOH and how much it would suck to not have her there.

    You're just going to have to play this one by ear but I wouldn't read too much into the not answering texts business - she probably just feels a little torn x
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    Oh dear. She doesn't sound like a great friend but if I'm completely honest, I'm super terrible for not replying to texts straight away (or even within 24hrs)  :D so I feel a bit hypocritical saying that. And me not replying isn't because I don't care or am not interested - it's usually because I'm a massive over thinker so I have to properly sit down and compose responses to things. I'm the worst for not replying to my FMIL :') but that's because she sends really long essay like messages that take me an absolute age to read, understand, digest and then reply to. Woops!

    Anyway, back to the point... I'd give it one last go with her and then leave the ball in her court. At that point, you will have done absolutely everything you can to try and involve her in your wedding and it's down to her then to figure out what works for her. I really hope she comes through for you but as long as you're mentally prepared for her to potentially turn it down for the other wedding, you'll be fine. Everything works out in the end! xxx
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  • Ahh not a problem! Always happy to help and throw out any advice I can :) Really hope it works out for you but in any case, enjoy planning! I look forward to seeing a planning thread from you!! :) Thank you for your wishes, all the best to you and H2B too xxx
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