Someone has just got married in the same wedding dress, same reception venue and same photographer


I've never posted on here, but I don't really know who to turn to. 

I live on a relatively small island and I've just seen photos from a wedding that took place yesterday. I don't know this woman, her now husband or friends, but one thing I did notice is her dress is the exact same as mine, it's in the same reception venue and the same photographer. 

Okay, its a huge coincidence, but I can't help feeling deflated. I get married in October and I'm so excited. So ridiculously excited. But now, I'm worried people will think my dress is 'common'. 

Sorry that I am completely overreacting, but I feel so upset about it. Its so stupid, and there is probably thousands of brides who have worn the same dress, but when a place is this small... it's just pants. 😔


  • Look, I understand the pressure to have a super unique wedding. But at the end of the day, there are a finite number of dresses, venues and wedding photographers. 

    Maybe I'm saying this as someone who is pretty chilled out about her wedding (minus a little dress wobble 🤣🤣) but will people honestly be able to tell it's the same dress? Especially since you'll probably look different/dress it up differently? And for the venue, as it's such a small island I imagine others have got married there also/will in the near future? And will you share so many of the same guests that they'll know it's the same dress?

    What matters more is the energy you bring to the party, the colours, how much fun you will have and the guests will have. 

    October is a long while away, remember. People will have forgotten...and hopefully you will have to! Concentrate on just having a fab day. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 898 New bride
    Don't worry about it. The wedding is about you and your partner. Make it how you want it. Don't compare to anyone else.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    If you don't even know them, I really wouldn't worry - no one is even going to realise!
  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    Honestly, no-one will realise, remember no-one follows bridal forums, reads bridal magazines or notices other weddings other than people who are planning to get married. I am pretty laid back over my second wedding as I was with the first, it's just a party and there will be many more much more important days of your life to come, I don't mean to downgrade it haha, after all you are obviously  making a huge commitment in marrying someone, i just mean that getting perfection with regard to the actual day just isn't going to happen so forget that it will. As someone else comments above, you will look different and will have different colours, decorations, accessories etc. I wouldn't know one dress from another unless I had been closely scrutinizing for months on end, but then I am not a bridey type, I couldn't tell you what the bride wore the last wedding I went to! I know it was white, flouncy and long and she had a veil🤣 I have a similar concern I guess in that I am wearing a bridesmaid dress because wedding dresses just aren't me and becasue i couldnt find a nice reasonably priced bride suitable jumpsuit. Hopefully none of the 2 younger females in our small party will be wearing it, but then I am the one with the flowers and the hair accessories! In all honesty, just enjoy the day as your guests will only really notice food and drink. 
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