I feel like I'm going crazy

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my maid of honour best friend has ignored me for 2 and a half months now and my wedding is in 6 months. She says she wasnt invited to my dress fitting, well she was invited to the first one but was late and bought her baby who everyone was all over. Then all my wedding messages she NEVER replies to until my sister said are you staying the night b4 the wedding, when she replied if I'm invited. Because she never replied to messaged my sister said something to her so now she is ignoring me, my other bridesmaid said she may feel left out but she has never showed any excited or anything good towards our wedding and now I dont know what to do, shed has even told me what her problem is, I feel every wedding conversation ends up about her and I'm not looking forward to my hen do, the night b4 or my wedding cos of the attmosphere, I feel like I'm going mad. 


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    I know it's frustrating her not being to able to be there when you want her there, but perhaps it's because the baby has to take up most of her time now. How old is it?

    My bridesmaid had a baby a couple of months before my wedding, so she had to miss out on 'stuff'. When she did come, she was often late and had to bring the baby, because that's what happens with new-borns. And yes it got a lot of attention. It was annoying for me, but there was nothing either of us could do about it, so I had to deal with it.

    I know you feel your wedding should be all about you and your fiancé, and it's difficult for us to advise without knowing her exact situation, but maybe she does feel left out because she has to stay home with the baby. You weren't happy the time she did bring it along, so maybe she's keeping her distance. And if you've stopped inviting her to planning events like fittings, etc., then she might feel even more left out.

    If it's upsetting you to the extent your not looking forward to your hen, etc., you should probably extend an olive branch. Certainly don't let it ruin your friendship and the enjoyment of the wedding.
  • I've reached out to her and I'm still getting ignored, I ask about bridesmaid dresses, I ask how she's feeling and I get nothing. Me and my partner were her maid of honour and best man at her wedding, we were there for them 100%. My partner booked to go see their suit and her partner finished work early to go but she made him do lots of jobs then sent him to the shop and they were late. If she's ignoring me, I can't do anymore.
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