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H2B friends driving me crazy

Hi all, 

Maybe I'm being immature about this and thinking straight, we are getting married in 6 months in Spain in a village in which public transport is not that much in use and most people either use their own car, bikes or taxis to go around. (Taxis are only available if you call the company). For this reason, we have looked and agreed special rates in 2 different hotels, one cheap and basic and the other a bit more expensive but a better. The most expensive room is £60 the night including breakfast and also are putting buses to go from the different hotels to the church and from the venue back to the hotels. Now the "problem": my H2B friends, are all ushers (5 in total) and they have decided to take an airbnb thinking that it will be a big house with private pool, but those type are only 50 mins away by bus (2 needed) and there aren't any at 4 am when the wedding finishes. As we are renting the suits there, they need to go the hotel where we are staying on the day of the wedding to get ready and also the day after to return them to us. If told my fiance that transport there is not easy and that as we've made the effort of looking the hotels, the buses they should stick to that or take an airbnb next to the hotel but those ones are not what they expect. I'm from the area so I know it well. Am I overreacting? I don't know what to think my H2b doesn't speak Spanish, I've been the one contacting all suppliers and arranging everything (always asking him first of course)...


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    If they choose to stay further away, it's their problem to arrange appropriate transport to get there and back - I wouldn't worry about it, it's really not your problem.
  • Yes, not your circus, not your monkeys! Your H2B just needs to let them know where they need to be and when. They can sort out everything else. Absolutely no need for you to stress.
  • I'm with the other ladies on this one. If they choose to stay somewhere else (and make their own lives more difficult in the process), then it's down to them to arrange their own transport to/from the wedding. There's not much more you can or should do.
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