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Thanks for the help everyone x


  • Sorry you feel like this, my friend always complains about being a football widow and I know how frustrated she gets with it. 

    I think unless you're a fan you don't realise how much it means to them. My family are all big fans and if their team had a big game on our wedding day I think we'd have no choice but to show it or have half of them not show up!

    I don't really have any advice but I just thought I'd say you're not alone! He'll get over it eventually, there will be other big games and he can just check the score on his phone!

    I'm sure in years to come you'll look back and laugh about it. My dad actually watched the football on TV in hospital while my mum was having me and it's become a standing joke now!
  • Thank you for your comment. It does help to think about us laughing about it in the future to put it into perspective xx
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    I understand your frustration, but also realistically if Wales were playing in the rugby world cup on my wedding day I totally would watch it and so if it was the other way round I couldn't say no to my H2B. But if you feel really strongly about it, I'm sure on the day he'll be distracted and having a lovely time! 
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    As someone who grew up in a household full of football I completely understand your disappointment and wouldn’t see the humour in this either. One of the things that attracted me to my H2B was that he hates football!

    In your situation I would feel incredibly upset and disappointed at my fiancé for prioritising football over what should be the most important day of our lives. Football happens every week, you only get married once. 

    In my view, your fiancé making out he’s doing you a favour by not watching it sounds awful. You’ve said this is making you miserable but he doesn’t care and is treating like a nag? Also sounds awful.

    Sorry to sound harsh, I hope you sort this out and have a wonderful wedding day
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    I come from a family of Liverpool fans. It's not just any football match - it's a final. It's massively important to fans.

    I understand your disappointment and frustration but he's said he won't watch it so he has prioritised your wedding above the football. You can't expect him to be happy about that. What are you expecting him to be like over it? Thrilled? Because he won't be and it's unreasonable to ask that of him. 

    Are his family supporters too? You will probably find that a lot of people will want to watch it. Your feelings about the wedding are yours and you need to take ownership of them. You've got what you wanted so saying that you're no longer excited even though you've got what you asked for seems a bit precious to me. It's his wedding day too. 

    This is one of his interests/hobbies and I do think both people in a relationship need their own interests. If you keep bringing it up, you are nagging him.
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