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I hate my fiancé's choice of best man, am I being stupid

I'm new to this and need a bit of advice please.  
My fiance wants 2 best men which I don't have a problem with,   however one of them i just really don't like,  when we first got engaged his words to me "he will fuck your wedding and I'm going to help him"  he has also tried to cause arguments between me n my fiance.    When we first got together this friend was OK,   if they were on a night out I would even run him home but as soon as my fiance said he was going to ask me to marry him everything changed.   He acts like butter wouldn't melt and he doesn't have a problem with me.   I have said on a few occasions let's get together n sort all this out as I don't c what the problem is but it never happens.   Anyway now we have set a date n going end of month to book the venue n he has said he doesn't want to do it without him.
I love my fiance very much but I can't stand the thought of that man being the best man even standing up making a speech at our weddingi just know he will do his best to spoil it.   it's annoying me that much that I'm very close to calling it off. 

Please help,   am I just being daft or do I have a genuine reason to say no defo not 


  • To me this sounds like you really have to sit down with your fiancé and explain your concerns, especially if it’s making you feel close to calling it off. That’s a pretty big thing to say, so clearly this is a really important issue to you and you need to talk it through.

    It sounds like you’re fine to have this guy at your wedding, but it’s just the thought of him having such a prominent role? If you other half is dead set on hi, bing a best man, then could there be a compromise that if there are two best men that the other guy do the speech and the problematic one have a different ‘best man’ role?
  • Hi 
    Thanks for your reply
    Yeah there is just a lot of different issues with this guy however I understand they have been friends for years,   if I was the only one who thought this way about him then I would give myself a shake n say stop being a bitch,   but my future in laws can't stand this guy and everyone feels he is not a nice guy someone my fiance is better off without in his life but unfortunately my fiance thinks this guy is great,   

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