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Jealous my husband doesn't want a baby with me, or anymore period. Am I crazy?

Husband and I have had numerous discussions about having a child. I have a 5 year and 7 year old from previous relationship. He has a 9 year and 11 year old from previous relationship. We have been together for almost two years. 

I struggle with coming to terms with the fact that my husband has his two kids from a previous marriage but does not want one with me. It gives me such sad and jealous feelings. I love his kids, they are wonderful and he is good to mine also. But part of me just wishes to for us to have a child also, that is mine and him together.

Please tell me I'm not crazy!


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 89 New bride
    You're not crazy, baby urges are normal! However, maybe you need to address your jealous feelings towards the previous marriage? Maybe his not wanting another child isn't about you vs his ex wife, but that you have 4 lovely children already?! 
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