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I hated my wedding

I got married 4 years ago. I was just pressured into making hasty decisions and my mom was paying for everything and if I disagreed she made a big deal about it and would buy things anyway. So I felt like it wasnt really MY wedding. My cousin/bestfriend was my maid of honor she didnt like any dresses I picked out so I got fed up and told her to pick. Then she tells me a few weeks before the wedding that she doesnt want anything to do with it she didnt even come as a guest bc she decided to tell me my soon to be husband was flirting with her 6 months ago💁‍♀️ whatever, that part is a long story, she admitted it wasnt true later. So I changed my made of honor to my future sister in law. I got my hair and makeup done all by myself. Bc the 1 person that was supposed to go (maid of honor sister in law) bailed. I was crying the whole day. It didnt feel special at all. To save money I had my cousin who was practicing photography take photos and they are ok but I literally only have 2 photos of me and my husband at the alter that's it. The rest is everyone else, the wedding party, cake ect.  It's just so depressing bc I cant even think about that day without feeling just sad. 4 years later. Like what can I do?


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 89 New bride
    There's bits I loved and bits I cringe about when I think of my wedding. There is so much I wish I'd done differently, but I definitely didn't hate it.  I think we have this pressure for our weddings to be the best day of our lives. Mine is in the top 10 but not the no. 1 spot, or even no. 2. 

    How about you plan a big party - could be wedding anniversary or birthday - but you make all the decisions. Hire a photographer? You could even get your wedding outfits back on!
  • LizVickyLizVicky Posts: 4 New bride
    I feel exactly the same, 7 months after our wedding and I still feel sad, I cried because our photos were awful, I thought I looked disgusting, people didnt show up including 2 of my family and the venue kept our cake for 'safe keeping' and squashed it. Plus one of my own family members got horrible drunk, told me I look awful and was interrupting our best mans speech. Believe me your not alone, I think we all have this perfect day image but it never pans out that way. Theres always things we want to change. I think celebrate your first anniversary with a party and get some  nice photos that way, we are thinking of doing the same xx
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