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Complete disaster wedding, I just cant stop feeling sad

LizVickyLizVicky Posts: 3 New bride
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Silly i know, but it's still affecting my mental health 7 months later. Here it goes - I felt the wedding wasnt our dream wedding, I Hated the way I looked, i got a really cheap dress from the catalogue as it was all i could afford, I felt alone with everything from picking my dress to getting ready, my mum passed years ago and so did my sister so I was completely alone. 8 people didnt show up on the day including family so there were empty seats everywhere. My aunt got so horribly drunk she told me I looked awful and I dont smile enough!! Very nice things to say to an anxiety sufferer! And she rudely shouted inappropriate things at our best man during his speech, then later upset my bridesmaid with nasty comments and tried to Start a fight with the very sweet waitress at the bar!! safe to say we have hardly spoke since, I was very hurt.
The venue squashed our cake after keeping it to the next day for 'safe keeping' as well as smashing my late mums photo, guests including family left just as the dj set up, so most of the night we had an empty dance floor. And to top it off our photos were awful and very unflattering I just cried, the photographer was aggressive when we politely told her we weren't happy. Me and my hubby both feel sad and disappointed with our wedding, people always asked if you could change anything about that day what would it be, i have to answer truthfully and say we wouldnt have done it and would have just married on holiday somewhere just us on a beach with a couple of witnesses. 
I'm so happy I married my best friend but the awful memories of the wedding that went wrong still stick and makes me sick, but I know I need to let go, I dont want to feel like this anymore, any advices or shared experiences would help. Anyway thanks for reading, I feel writing it down  has already helped.


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 89 New bride
    Is sounds like you have had a tough time, and I'm sorry that you didn't love your wedding. However, the thing that sticks out most to me in your post is that you married your best friend.This. This is so much more important than cakes, dance floors, even photos. 
  • _bee_bee Posts: 6 New bride
    I'm so sorry that sounds awful. You both sound like lovely people who care a lot for the people around you. It sounds like you have gone above and beyond for others and not been appreciated. I do hope you and your husband get the chance to go somewhere special for a vow renewal or celebration with a few close people like you originally wanted. 
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