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FAO MrNikkiW (aka TWG)

Hi Mr NikkiW

Don't know if you remember me, but i was asking you a while back about buying a Rolex.

Well, there's been a bit of a ba11s up on my part as I have not got as much money in the pot as I originally hoped for (long story, but i hadn't set up my standing order to the wedding savings account properly so had to pay in a backlog out of the watch savings :cryimage

So, after much trying to convince myself I can still afford it I've come to the conclusion that I can't! So my new budget is £1k (still not bad!)

I've seen an Omega - Seamaster 300m Chronomaster steel on steel with black face which I think is similar in style to the Rolex he liked (GMT11 I think). I looked at the Bond one but I think this style is more up his street;

So, just wondering if you think this is a good choice, any advice? Is this a good website, or do you know any that are? Will they be in sale after Christmas? (birthday not until 12 Jan).

Thanks for your help as ever!!!!!


  • Hi Shoegal,

    Of course I remember you :\)

    Sorry to hear your story but £1k is still a great budget so don't feel too bad :\) (I'm still jealous by the way image )

    Omega are a great make, so no worries there. The Seamaster is very popular but more so in the James Bond variation - subsequently I prefer the one you've picked out. I think it's a pretty good choice.

    As you may or may not know - the Rolex you had chosen showed two time zones - local time (lt) and GMT for reference (you can set it to whatever time zone you want - I have one that's set to Caribbean time as I deal with the Caribbean - it's quite useful, lol). You can tell GMT watches by the 'extra' hand.

    I think it's quite a nice touch as it makes the watch a little different to the norm. Omega do a GMT verion of the one you have chosen with both a black and a white dial - here and here

    Admittedly, they're a little more expensive than the one you've picked out but then they are a bit different.

    My favourite is the white face - it looks *amazing* in the flesh ;\)

    Let me know what you think.

    (I was going to suggest the new Omega Planet Ocean range but they're above the budget, plus they don't do a GMT version imageimage ).

    I'm afraid I've not used the website you found nor heard anything about it. I would, personally, prefer to buy from a 'brick and motar shop' just for the backup provided. It's quite possible that that all three watches will go in the sale - it's definately worth hanging on even if it's just to get it for the online price, instore... if you see what I mean...?

    Let me know if I've missed anything :\)
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Yes, good point about the GMT Omega watch - i was only thinking from a style perspective, but suspect H2b wants the actual gadgetry!

    I think I'll definitely go into a shop to buy it then, as I would feel much better about it anyway and also it's easier to exchange if i do end up buying the wrong thing!!! image

    And I'll def wait til after Christmas & hope for a good deal - brilliant!

    Thanks again!!!

  • You're welcome. Glad I was of some help :\)


    i was only thinking from a style perspective, but suspect H2b wants the actual gadgetry!


    From a style poperspective - I think you made a brilliant choice.

    (Go for the GMT version, go for the GMT version image )
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